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The feeling for demon slayer not for after the 2 seasons of the anime and its movie. Fans of Tanjiro and company are very excited, as more chapters of the series are already on the way to offer us a new arc called the Blacksmith’s Village.

Aniplex knows that anime fans were very excited after the end of the Entertainment District arc, so it released the first trailer for Season 3. It is a teaser that tells us what awaits Tanjiro and company in their next big adventure

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demon slayer promises a lot of action in its Season 3

Season 3 of demon slayer It will tell the events that occurred in the next 4 volumes of the manga, so it will offer us an adventure in the Blacksmith Village, a place that is difficult to enter since the swords used by demon hunters are built there.

Tanjiro will visit the place in search of a sword to continue his journey. He will meet important characters from the saga, such as a couple of elite hunters and some powerful enemies from the Twelve Demon Moons.

We recommend that you be patient, as the Blacksmith Village arc does not yet have a confirmed release date. The season is certainly important, as there will be prominent characters developed and there will be exciting clashes.

“A new adventure is about to begin in the Blacksmith’s Village”, was the only thing that Aniplex commented. We do not tell you more and we leave you the exciting teaser trailer below.

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