Demon Slayer shows off his new trailer for the Entertainment District Arc

Although we talk a lot about One Piece and My Hero Academia, there are other fish in the wide sea of ​​anime. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of them and now he has released a new trailer of his next stop, the Arch of the Entertainment District, which will follow in season 2. This new batch of Demon Slayer episodes has been received with less euphoria than those seen in the first season, serving as a clear wake-up call for the story of Koyoharu Gotouge to find new ways to get the public’s attention.

The Arco de Mugen Train has ended and that means that it is a new stage, so that the opportunity has been served on a golden platter so that the series can reinvent itself, as far as possible, of course, so that viewers also dedicate part of their time to this fiction, which is certainly worthwhile, but has not yet had a chance to be exploited properly. Perhaps because it cooks over an extreme low heat (perhaps My Hero Academia you might notice this).

In any case, here we leave you with that little teaser trailer of the Arch of the Entertainment District:

It is time to enter new material

Now the series has the task of adapting totally new material that not even the readers of the manga have read, so, as we said, the opportunity is on the table, now it only remains to be seen which way is followed and how the exploration continues. mythology of the main characters. It is a risky move, basically, because it can go extremely well and build a new independent future or, on the contrary, fall below the original material and lose interest altogether. The new episodes will officially begin on December 5 in Japan.