Demon Slayer: Tanjiro’s Darkest Streak

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba revealed Tanjiro Kamado’s darkest and most intense scene in the new anime episode! After a slight delay, the second season of the series is in full swing and the anime continues to chronicle the events of the Mugen Train arc, first seen in the movie Mugen Train. This has led to several major cliffhangers in the first few episodes already, and Tanjiro becomes more intense than ever as he realizes he was trapped in a dream and did the unthinkable to get out of it.

This mission was particularly moving for Tanjiro, as even before facing a new demon, he went through great emotional distress when he found his family in the midst of a dream. Finding out that this was all due to some demonic power, Tanjiro had to break free and not only coldly say goodbye to his family, but he had to carry it with him in the fight to come.

Episode 4 of the series picks up right after Tanjiro manages to wake up from his dream (by killing himself in it), and he soon comes face to face with the deadly demon Enmu. As the two begin their fight, Enmu continually puts Tanjiro to sleep with his spell. Tanjiro continues to fight despite the beatings he receives, and Enmu thinks it doesn’t work, but in reality Tanjiro commits suicide every time he is asleep and immediately wakes up. This leads to a more frayed Tanjiro than ever.

In one particular scene, Enmu places Tanjiro in a terrible dream. His family is covered in blood and each of them blames him for being the only one left alive. But instead of breaking Tanjiro’s mind, he feels such a rage at the distortion of his family that it causes him to confront Enmu even more harshly. We’ve never seen Tanjiro so intense in a fight, and it shows how much that trip on the Mugen Train has already damaged his heart and mind.