Demon Slayer: Tanjiro’s Scar – Its Meaning

Tanjiro’s scar has been a subject of debate and confusion for fans throughout the history of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. For the second time in the “Entertainment District” arc, Shinjuro Rengoku, the late Kyojuro’s father, unceremoniously answered one of the anime’s most burning questions (no pun intended). It turns out that the scar on Tanjiro’s forehead has some meaning, rather than just being a Todoroki burn from boiling water.

Tanjiro wasn’t born with that scar on his head; he instead acquired it by struggling with his younger brother to avoid the fall of a pot of boiling tea. At the start of the series, the scar was a light pink circular mark on his head. The only notable thing about his scar early in the series was that, although it was the result of an accident and not a birthmark, his father had an almost identical mark in the same spot on his own forehead. Nonetheless, her father’s scar was never addressed, and the series apparently was content to leave it as mere coincidence.

It’s not until Final Selection that Tanjiro’s scar starts to get… well, weird. After being struck in the head directly where his scar is, Tanjiro has his head either bloodied or bandaged for several episodes. However, when he finally takes the bandages off, the scar is completely different: it’s now a dark, jagged red line. However, this change didn’t interest anyone on the show, leaving audiences to assume it was just a retcon to make the brand cooler.

Fast forward to the “Entertainment District” arc, and Tanjiro’s scar is once again a hot topic of conversation. During his fight against Daki, the sixth echelon of the twelve Kizuki, Tanjiro remembered a letter he had received from Shinjuro Rengoku since their first and unpleasant encounter. Shinjuro seems to be the only person with any knowledge of the Sunbreath technique, and it is in this letter that he explains to Tanjiro that the scar on his head is the mark of who was chosen to wield this technique. technical.

Tanjiros Scar

However, Shinjuro might not have all the facts right, as he claims that this mark is something people are born with, which Tanjiro definitely wasn’t. This fact alone would be enough to disprove Shinjuro’s claim, but when a memory of Muzan arises from Daki’s subconscious, it is a vision of a man wearing Hanafuda earrings – the symbol of the breath of the sun – and bearing a scar almost identical to Tanjiro’s. It is also noted that Tanjiro’s father, who taught Tanjiro the various forms of Sun-Breathing, was born with a scar on his head.

In the end, too many things line up for Shinjuro’s claim to be anything but the truth. The Sunbreath appears to be a thing of fate rather than a breathing style anyone can learn. As the original and most powerful of all the breathing styles, the Sunbreath might just be the only thing capable of actually harming Muzan Kibutsuji and his strongest demons. Judging by the visceral reaction of Muzan’s cells to the memory caused by Tanjiro’s uncanny resemblance to the mysterious Sunbreath, the demon progenitor is not a Sunbreath fan. All Tanjiro needs to do now is stay alive long enough to master the Hinokami Kagura, as Muzan already wants nothing to do with him, even though Tanjiro can barely survive the Sunbreath’s full power.