Demon Slayer: Tengen’s wives receive censorship in China

Surely, you are one of the many fans around the world that the anime series Kimetsu no Yaibabetter known as demon slayer along these directions; then, you must remember the wives of Tengen Uzui helped to show a new layer of the Sound Hashira; Y Tengen Uzuithe powerful member of the Demon Slayer Corps being a fundamental part to defeat the demonic brothers known as Daki Y Gyutarō during the second season are from demon slayer.

Yes, during the district arc, however, everything seems to indicate that the television series has been censored in China, more specifically speaking, the clothing of the wives of Tengen have been censored, since while ufotable continues to work on the third season of the popular anime adaptation, which has already come to an end in Weekly Shōnen Jumpseem to have problems with the Chinese audience.

You see, the three wives of Tengen include Addition, Hinatsuru Y Makioas one of the most important parts of the mission of the Demon Slayer Corps in it Entertainment District Arcwhich involves Sound Hashira recruiting Tanjirou, Zenitsu and Inosuke to help him save them from a dangerous fate, with the help of his three wives kidnapped by the demon Dakiwhere the friends of Tengen they might not be as strong as their husband, but they certainly got a chance to show off their skills when they were released from their strange prison and help the member of Demon Slayer Corps in one of the biggest battles in the series to date.

So thanks to the tweets from Outlet Shonenleaks, who shared the censored screenshots of demon slayer of their broadcast in China, in which they made some changes to the wives of Tengen Uzuiwho helped pick up her husband after the battle against Gyutarōin which he lost an eye and an arm in the process.

So, quickly after the end of the second season, ufotable confirmed that demon slayer will return for a third season that will adapt the story of Swordsmith Village Arca major arc in the series created by Koyoharu Gotougewhich they say, although it is possible that the manga has already completed the story of the Demon Slayer Corpsthere is a lot of material left for the anime to adapt when it comes to the journey of Tanjirou Y nezuko to avenge his family and find a cure.