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demon slayer continues to reign as one of the modern heavyweights of shonen anime. Known as Kimetsu no Yaiba in Japan, with outstanding animation, inspiring music, and simple yet endearing characters, it’s no wonder fans are so invested in the adventures of Tanjiro and co. One of the highlights of the series, however, is most definitely the titular demons.

Whether good or bad, the demons of demon slayer have certainly proven themselves to be a force to be reckoned with. Regardless of strength or weakness, even the less powerful should send any normal human running for the hills as fast as possible, lest they become dinner. Which of demon slayerThe demons are the most powerful?

ten Susumaru and Yahaba

A forfeit of course, early antagonists Susumaru and Yahaba combine their strengths and use teamwork to get the job done. While Susumaru can grow extra limbs and summon heavy death balls, Yahaba can control how an object moves and has eyes on his hands, Pale Man-style.

It’s easy to see how their forces can feed off each other, and while they’re certainly a force to be reckoned with, as an earlier threat presents itself to Tanjiro, they’re definitely on the weaker side. . Still, with the fight they put up against him and Nezuko, they at least gained a spot.

9 Kyogai

The Drum Demon provided one of the most attractive settings in demon slayer’the story. With a drumbeat from this big boy, Kyogai can either change the orientation of his house, the Drum House, or he can unleash a vicious attack on his enemies.

Kyogai is the first of the Twelve Kizuki, or rather, the first to been part of the Twelve, which Tanjiro faces, and his strength most certainly gave Tanjiro a difficult and trippy obstacle to overcome. But since Muzan stripped Kyogai of his rank, it probably wouldn’t be fair to place Kyogai much higher here.

8 to

One of the new demons Tanjiro and co. faced, Daki is a demon obsessed with making things as beautiful as she is, if not more so. She can manipulate her flesh into a variety of objects, but does so primarily to create deadly threads of cloth. Quite often she traps people in the very fabric of the fabric so she can nibble on them later.

Along with his brother Gyutaro, his reign of terror over the entertainment district devastated many homes and people, and the two fought a formidable and tense fight against Tanjiro and the others. She certainly deserves Muzan’s assessment when he calls her a “special demon”.

7 Enmu

The villain of Train Mugen, a favorite for best animated film 2020, Enmu is a gleefully sadistic demon, ranked among the lower twelve Kizuki. As diabolical as he is dapper, his strength and powers come from putting his victims to sleep and giving them sweet dreams as he imposes his cruelty upon them.

Adapting a single volume of manga into a movie sounds great on paper, but the story and characters have more to offer. Fortunately, Enmu’s spooky weirdness poses a cinematic threat as Tanjiro travels on the titular train, making him a memorable and powerful antagonist.

6 Gyutaro

Another recent addition to demon slayer, Gyutaro looks like a cross between the Joker and the scariest transmitted by blood boss, with a KnY twist, of course. Made bitter over the course of his humanity, Gyutaro also has a very sadistic side, making quick work of his enemies with poisoned scythes and streams of blood that can send devastating shockwaves.

As Daki’s older brother and a true big bad in the Entertainment District arc, it’s up to Gyutaro to give Tanjiro a punch, and he certainly answers the call. The duo really give the four Demon Slayers a hard time, but having Gyutaro level so much of the entertainment district after his own beheading really shows his horrific strength.

5 Nezuko

Everyone’s favorite adorable demon, until someone put their finger on Tanjiro. If this happens, everyone in the area must run and hide as Nezuko will unleash her raw and awesome strength as she slowly loses the remarkable control she has over herself to keep the innocents safe.

Nezuko’s journey still has a long way to go, and it’s possible she could rank higher by the end of the series. Still, the strength she’s shown on her own so far, between the self-control mentioned earlier and the unbridled strength she displays when fighting, secures her a comfortable spot in the top 5.

4 He comes

If Nezuko is the most beloved demon, Akaza is perhaps the most hated. The top rank 3 demon arrives at the end of the Mugen Train arc, just when the story should end, and displays marvelous strength and speed in his fight against Rengoku until he defeats Rengoku and kills himself.

Akaza’s placement here is similar to Nezuko’s in that there’s even more to see of him, but what’s been seen so far is impressive, if also hugely upsetting. Frankly, anyone who can defeat Rengoku and his breathing style deserves a place here, and while it’s possible to see him rise through the ranks, most people are probably looking forward to what will surely be his downfall later.

3 Tamayo

The first good demon Tanjiro encountered on his journey (aside from Nezuko), Tamayo is a kind doctor and provides Tanjiro with a wealth of knowledge. Along with her considerable strength to combat her natural desire to feed on humans, she is also able to use her Blood Demon Art to cast spells.

Tamayo isn’t a super involved fighter in the series, at least not as much as the anime has shown, but her mastery of her basic demonic instincts is outstanding. As such, she provides proof and hope to Tanjiro that one day his sister might have the same level of control over herself as Tamayo.

2 The spider family

Members of Rui’s dysfunctional spider demon family have proven to be Tanjiro’s toughest opponents so far in the anime. Consisting of six members of varying powers and sizes, Rui’s Spider Family terrorizes Tanjiro and a host of several other Demon Hunters during their mission to destroy the family.

demon slayer’s popularity in the west exploded during the arc with the spiders. During the individual fights, the anime displayed both cutting-edge action and cutting-edge horror. Tanjiro himself had to manifest previously unknown forces to defeat Rui. For all that, they deserve to rank number 1, if not for…

1 Kibutsuji Muzan

demon slayerMuzan’s ultimate threat, the little that has been shown about Muzan’s power proves that when the time comes for Tanjiro to face him, he will face the greatest challenge of his life. Feared by both the Demon Slayer Corps as well as his own underlings, Muzan’s strength has been exaggerated beyond belief, and he is certain to be shipwrecked once he actually fights. .

As a big baddie, it’s imperative that Muzan is incredibly strong and poses a huge threat to the heroes for the heroes to overcome. His strength is matched only by his cruelty, and the fear he inspires in his minions as well as the Corps’ determination to finally destroy him once and for all make his placement well deserved, even if the totality of his strength has yet to be revealed.