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Inosuke Hashibira went wild in his own way in the first season of Demon Slayer: He was screaming, fighting, and forgetting people’s names.

But after 2 seasons and a movie, Inosuke has changed a lot from the wild child he was.

The difficult moments of his childhood transformed him into a being who depends only on himself. Through his adventures, his friends, and the Hashira, Inosuke molds himself into a person who cares deeply for those close to him.

Here is the evolution of Inosuke over the series.

Demon Slayer

We first meet Inosuke at the Kyogai Demon Mansion. This demon traps its victims by using its blood demon art to alter the structure of the halls in its mansion, so that its victims lose their bearings. Zenitsu and Shoichi fall victim to this ability, and try to open as many doors as possible to escape.

One of the doors led to the room where Inosuke was trapped, and when Zenitsu opened it, Inosuke burst in to fight Kyogai.

Inosuke’s childhood was unusual. He lost his mother to a demon and was raised by boars. Eventually, the sow that mothered him passed away, leading Inosuke to fend for most of his life.

It was very likely that Inosuke didn’t interact with humans often. When he passed people, he saw them as targets to test his strength.

One day, he came across a young demon slayer in training, and dueled him: if he won, he would take his nichirin blades. Inosuke was victorious, got to know the demons, and passed the final selection.

He sees the demons as an opportunity, when he faces Kyogai, he considers Kyogai to serve as a “stepping stone” to becoming stronger.

He also fights with Tanjiro at the same time as Kyogai. He steps on Teruko, the little girl Tanjiro saved, and taunts him with his blades. He fights with him again when he tries to protect Nezuko’s box from attacking Inosuke, who sensed the presence of a demon inside.

It’s clear that Inosuke was acting with his fists first. Both humans and demons served as a test to advance his physical strength.

Destiny 2

After defeating Kyoai, Inosuke and the others go to the Wisteria house to rest and heal their wounds.

Inosuke’s lack of manners is both entertaining and confusing, to the point where his rudeness leaves Zenitsu speechless.

He doesn’t eat with utensils, he’s rude to the owner of the house, and he fights over such stupid things as choosing a bed to sleep in.

At this time, Inosuke had no connection with Tanjiro or Zenitsu. His time spent at the Wisteria house serves only to recuperate, and only tells a few anecdotes about his view of the world.

Demon Slayer

During the battle at Mount Natagumo, Inosuke first rushes into the forest, behind Tanjiro. Given the situation they find themselves in, Tanjiro tells Inosuke that he is happy to be with him. For once, Inosuke is silent. He is immediately overwhelmed by Tanjiro’s kind words towards him.

He also remembers the owner of the Wisteria house, who was very nice to him (she gave him a clean outfit and made him a tempura for dinner. She also cheered them on before they left for the mountains) .

Inosuke digests these two acts of kindness in total silence. He was probably wide-eyed under his boar head. It must be remembered that he was raised by animals, and was probably never surrounded by humans.

Throughout this arc, Inosuke and Tanjiro have fought closely together. A rapport slowly develops between them, peppered with Inosuke’s typical competitiveness and aggressiveness.

At this point, he is much more intentioned towards Tanjiro. When they fight against the Father, he worries a lot about Tanjiro when the demon kicks him away. When he loses the fight against the Father and he thinks it’s the end, he sees his life pass by. He remembers in this montage Tanjiro and Zenitsu, which accentuates the importance of these two for Inosuke.

Demon Slayer

The Mugen Train arc focuses primarily on Tanjiro, but Inosuke’s wits and instincts are put to the test as well.

In his subconscious, Inosuke directs Tanjiro and the gang through a cave, and the dream villain is a demonic version of the train. In his dream, Inosuke is the heroic leader of the group that destroys the demonic train.

When one of Enmu’s servants infiltrates Inosuke’s mind to destroy his spiritual core, he recovers it faster than the other party members.

Inosuke has a remarkable ability to perceive, and this instinct will serve the group well.

Demon Slayer

At this point, Inosuke considers Tanjiro and Zenitsu his closest friends. During their undercover mission in the Entertainment District, Inosuke shows that he takes the mission seriously and communicates with Tanjiro rather than arguing with him.

During the final fight against Gyutaro and Daki, Inosuke is more reliable and cooperative. He wants to save Tanjiro from demons and works with Zenitsu to find them.

He also coordinates his attacks with Zenitsu against Daki. When Tanjiro asks him to do something, he does it with understanding and he doesn’t back down from anything. At the end of the second season, Inosuke cries in Tanjiro and Zenitsu’s arms out of gratitude that they all survived.

Inosuke went from a lone wolf to a member of a pack. He changed his ways, his way of treating others. Instead of trying to compete with others, he cooperates with them as teammates, but also as friends.

Inosuke will always remain aggressive and brash, but some things never change.

Source – Translation: Gamerant

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