Demon Slayer: the first images of season 3 are here!

After the arc of the Quartier des Plaisirs, it is the turn of the arc of the Village des Forgerons to receive its anime adaptation.

Demon Slayer, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime of the moment. In just two seasons, he will have managed to rise to the same level as The attack of the Titans or My Hero Academia. With an enchanting animation and a well-constructed universe, it is not surprising to observe the growing success of this license.

As a result, we always want more, and the Ufotable studio knows it. While the second season from the adventures of Tanjiro and Nezuko came to an end last Februaryits sequel is already showing the tip of its nose with a fiery trailer.

Two pillars in the spotlight in this new season

The trailer that the studio offers us has only a little new content. The first part of it mainly focuses on a recap of past events, before revealing some exclusive footage from the upcoming season from the 2 minute mark.

We then discover that the plot will take place this time within the blacksmiths’ village who are in the business of making the so special sabers of demon hunters.

The trailer also highlights two pillars that Tanjiro and his friends have had the opportunity to cross paths with in the past. It is Mitsuri Kanrojipillar of love and Muichiro Tokyo, pillar of mist. Seeing them in action in this season promises memorable clashes and breathtaking new breathing techniques (that’s the case!).

This third season still does not have a release date, but with this trailer already reaching us, the continuation of the adventures of the demon hunters should arrive much sooner than we hope. As a reminder, volume 22, penultimate of the manga published by Panini in France will be available from May 18, the opportunity to discover the end of the story while waiting for the continuation of the anime.