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It’s a faithful reinterpretation of the anime, with real-time graphics, special cutscenes, and some still images to tell you the original storyline.

Kimetsu No Yaiba O Demon Slayer It is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime of recent times, so it is not surprising that it has its own video game. The quality of the anime and the charisma of its characters have made the story of Tanjiro Kamado one of the most important animated series in recent years.

It’s a faithful reinterpretation of the anime, with real-time graphics, special cutscenes, and some still images to tell you the original storyline. All this in a kind of adventure mode with free exploration on a map divided into sections.

At first the story takes time to take off. The alternative is to explore for Kimetsu points, souvenirs, and meet some secondary objectives to get 100% of each area. Everything happens in very small spaces that you have to follow practically in a straight line with no other option.

You should limit yourself to walking, talking to a few NPCs, and avoiding obstacles only when the game prompts you to do so.

Now, focusing on the game system, it not only includes the story mode that at times can be a bit monotonous and simple, but it also has a battle mode multiplayer which is where the game really wins.

If you have played other arena fighter you already know how the control works. Movement is free in 3D environments and occurs simply; he can do combos with basic attacks and combine some skill to extend them.

There are only two special attacks and one charged attack, but you will be able to change your strategy by combining with another character. You can also exchange them in the middle of the battle and use them as assists, and, thus, make new routes of combos.

The control is as simple as pressing a button over and over again, but if you want to go a little further you can invert bars to enter the boost mode and spread to increase the power of your attacks. The most important effect is the possibility of making a definitive technique.

Another option to counter your opponent is to call on your partner to take you out of harm’s way when you can’t bear the pressure. They are simple options that you will use more than once to get out alive.

The rules are simple: win three rounds to take the victory. If you prefer to face other players in the world, there are ranked or casual games.

It’s visually flawless, and it’s probably one of the games that best fits the game. cel shading, because it replicates almost perfectly what we saw in the anime. The performance is very good and it flows smoothly, so you will really enjoy everything that happens on the screen.

Above the audio, the original music helps you immerse yourself in what is happening on screen while listening to the opponents name their postures and techniques. The dubbing work is very good, and you will be able to listen to it in English and Japanese.

To the fans of Kimetsu No Yaiba You will love this game and the quality of the visual aspect will surprise you. (E)