Demon Slayer: the latest episode turns out to be the best of the series

SPOILER ALERT! This article is about Demon Slayer episode 13!

This weekend has been enjoyable on the anime side. Indeed, the fans had something to be delighted with between the cover of Attack on Titan and the sequel to Demon Slayer. If you thought Demon Slayer Episode 12 was good, then you should know that the last episode will blow your mind. While Tengen Uzui had delivered his wives from Daki’s pantry, Tanjiro was going up against her. This fight gave rise to some novelties which will quickly make you say that this episode is the best of the series (for now).

Crédits: Epicstream

Daki’s mutation

Episode 13 immerses us in the action of this battle. The belts that had been cut off by the Hashira of Sound, Zenitsu and Inosuke, joined Daki through the pleasures district. When they touch them, Daki’s hair will turn white, his skin will be paler and his body will be dotted with blood-swollen veins. His physical power, meanwhile, will go up a notch. Daki like many demons sees humans as weak and useless. This is how she will destroy the homes around the battlefield. Tanjiro, outraged by such contempt, will indulge in an anger that we did not know him.

Tanjiro’s absolute rage

In the previous episode, Tanjiro had realized that his breath of water would not be very effective against the power of Daki. In response, he had used the techniques of the Fire God Dance. But to see human lives swept away with the back of the hand, is going to piss him off. Tanjiro will surrender to his emotions and forget to breathe. This surge of power will cause him to keep pace with Daki and go beyond his limits. Her eyes shoot with blood and veins appear on her face. Its movements are more ample. But this new style of combat brought him to the gates of death. As he prepares to shoot Daki down, his body calls him to order, telling him to breathe. Daki, taking advantage of this moment of weakness, is jubilant. The moment she wants to finish off Tanjiro, Nezuko appears.

Nezuko enters the dance

Since they’ve been in the Pleasure District, Nezuko has been carefully hidden in his chest. As her brother is on the verge of death, she comes to his aid. Daki dominates this face-to-face and cuts off his limbs. When it comes to finishing it off, she notices the change in Nezuko’s aura. The latter has a regeneration capacity equal to that of a superior moon, and its physique has changed. Nezuko wears a horn on his forehead and his piece of bamboo shattered. Is this the beginning of a new era in Kimetsu no Yaiba?

For some fans, this episode is arguably the best of the entire series, both in terms of animation and in terms of cliffhangers. All that remains is to wait until the next episode to find out what this metamorphosis of Nezuko has in store for us.