Demon Slayer: The Power Of This Upper Moon Is Abused

SPOILER ALERT! This article contains material from Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 17.

The battle between Upper Moon 6 and our valiant Demon Slayers has ended in victory for the Slayers. And we can already remember that this fight is the most difficult in the anime since its launch. Although the duel against Akaza impressed us, that of Gyutaro and his sister Daki was no less exciting.

Credits: ufotable Studio

Gyutaro: a moon to be feared even after death

We already had certainty of Gyutaro’s melee abilities. But in this last episode, the upper moon showed that she did not deserve her sixth place in the circle of Muzan. Despite Tengen being able to predict his actions through his musical score power, Gyutaro managed to stab him and gouge out his eye. He also has greater resistance to wisteria-based poison, which is feared by all demons.

But the most incredible will be that even beheaded, Gyutaro was still a danger for the defenders. Indeed, while his head and that of his sister have joined on the ground, Gyutaro’s body will reveal several spinning sickles of blood which will reduce the pleasure district to nothing. The magnitude of this explosion particularly panicked the Pillar of Sound who surely did not expect such a phenomenon after the beheading of the demon.

Gyutaro the Destroyer

In addition to the post-mortem destruction, Gyutaro has shown to be far more violent than Third Moon Akaza. Akaza was focused on Rengoku. Such was not the case with Gyutaro. The latter, with a view to beating his opponents, did not hesitate, like his sister a few episodes before, to raze the surroundings. But unlike her, Gyutaro did not destroy part of the dwellings, but more than half of Yoshiwara.

Had it not been for Zenitsu’s intervention, Tanjiro would have ended up in the rubble. If we consider that Gyutaro is of low rank compared to the other moons, it goes without saying that those which are superior to him reserve us many surprises, even destruction which would endanger the life of the slayers of demons.

Gyutaro would have ultimately been a demon on par with the slayers, if not a bit too much. It took Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Hinatsuru, and Tengen to defeat him and his sister. Without their tireless efforts and Gyutaro’s arrogance, the fight would certainly not have had the same outcome. This fight is certainly won, but it is marred by many deaths and significant material damage to claim victory. This portends that the Slayer war against Muzan will be even more perilous and arduous in the seasons to come.