“Demon Slayer”: this is the real reason for Rengoku’s death in “Mugen Train”

In the controversial manga ”Demon Slayer”, death is not surprising; and it is that the plot revolves around the fight of the carnivorous demons and the Demon Slayer. This show is based on the comic series created by Koyoharu Gotouge, first broadcast in 2016.

One of the deaths that has surprised fans of the show is that of Kyojuro Rengok, because it was moving to see the first Hashira in the series. This character was the least eccentric of the group and had a noble personality. While his departure was tough, it was necessary for the overall narrative of the manga.

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The character’s end was due to his role in Tanjiro’s life.. As it is remembered, the relationship between Rengoku and the protagonist of the program was that of a mentor and a student; the Hashira He was on the right track, which was not compatible with what was planned for the brother of Nezuko in all seasons.

As a master of flame breathing, Rengoku was able to guide Tanjiro in the art of mastering the Hinokami Kagura. Unfortunately, his death comes before the young man requires this knowledge.


The main answer is that the apprentice journey Demon Slayer it would have been so much easier. All the information stored in Rengoku would have nurtured Tanjiro, preventing you from making mistakes or reducing your training time. The truth is that we would have missed many interesting chapters had it not been for the death of the teacher.


While his death was the easiest way to remove him from the life of PlateIt was not the only way. And there are other ways that could have gotten the young man out of his tutoring. It is known that Negoku had a younger brother, of whom he was always pending; in addition to constantly receiving orders from Kagaya Ubuyashiki, leader of the Demon Slayer Corps. So he could have continued to live alongside one of them.

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