Demon Slayer: this is the story of Nezuko Kamado in Kimetsu no Yaiba

If you know the famous anime ”Denom Slayer” you have surely seen Nezuko Kamado, the main female character in the manga series. East Program was created by Koyoharu Gotouge and has been broadcast since February 15, 2016, accumulating a large following.

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This attractive character has penetrated the hearts of manga lovers, which is why her fame earned her the leading role in the film ” Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train ”. Likewise, he also had an important role in the adaptation of the live action theater play 2020 Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Stage.

”My dear brother! I am so sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t understand it for so long. I put everything on your shoulders. Why is it you who always has to suffer? Why are kind people who fight every day trampled on over and over again? It’s frustrating, but don’t give up! We’re going home. Let’s go home together. “, Nezuko Kamado a Tanjiro Kamado en Let’s go Home.

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Kamado She was born like any normal girl, into a humble and happy family. She was the second daughter of the marriage and He always had a strong bond with his mother and his brothers. Everything was going well until one tragic day a demon named Muzan Kibutsuji comes to his house and murders his loved ones.

After the heartbreaking event, the only survivors were Nezuko and her older brother Tanjiro, who was not at the scene during the events. The only reason she survived was why Muzan had transformed her into a demon, which meant that from that moment on he would have a strong desire for human blood. That is how his brother becomes his first victim.


When he was about to devour Tanyiro, A Demon Slayer named Giyu Tomioka appears on the scene and prevents Nezuko from killing his brother. As if it wasn’t enough Giyu forgives their lives and he becomes the instructor of the young man, whom his old master will train to become a Demon Slayer.

But since not everything is pink, they are warned that If one day Nezuko kills a human, then Tanjiro and other Demons must kill her and then commit suicide committing seppuku as restitution for his transgression.

Fortunately, it will never be necessary to go to these extremes, as the young woman will do her part to have a good behavior and she will accompany her brother in the search for a cure for her; as well as in his preparation to kill Muzan.

Because Nezuko was injected with a large amount of demon blood from Kibutsuji, it is very powerful to be a new demon.


Before the attack, Nezuko She was a tender and affectionate little girl who thought of everyone before herself; just as he was a great example for his younger siblings. After the death of her family, she maintains her love for her loved ones but she is no longer a kind girl. She she is willing to protect her friends and brother, even if she puts her life at riskeven when he is human again.

After transformation seems to forget his memories, so his personality changes. However, he maintains his feelings, this due to the influence of Sakonji Urokodaki. Nezuko has great willpower not to attack people and is always alert to defend anyone, even the possible victim of her brother.

It’s a character is known to have a bamboo object in his mouth and she has seldom been heard to speak. Although he used to stutter a lot, after increasing his resistance to sunlight and being in contact with others, his speech improvement can be observed.