Demon Slayer: Top 9 Best Pillars (Hashira)

In the manga and anime Demon Slayer (or Kimetsu no Yaiba in its Japanese version), Pillars (also called Hashira, 柱) are the nine strongest swordsmen in the Demon Slayer army. They are handpicked in order to reach the highest level of the organization. In addition to representing the crème de la crème of the “good guys” army, they are particularly present on the front line to fight against Muzan Kibutsuji. They are regularly referred to as the equivalent of demonic moons, which are the most powerful demons.

It’s not uncommon for a demon moon to topple a pillar. History shows us that the reverse happens much more rarely, unfortunately for the human side. Anyway, there are nine pillars and each one has a different breath. This element (air, fire, water, wind, etc.) is learned by training. Each Hashira is under the leadership of Kagaya Ubuyashiki, a highly respected character recognized for his wisdom.

How do you become a pillar? In Demon Slayer, you must first be one of the most powerful of your time. It is indicated in the manga that great methods are applied by the big shots of the army: a demon slayer must kill at least 50 demons, or overcome one of the 12 demonic moons. In general, it is estimated that it takes almost five years for a hard worker to become a mainstay. However, we saw with Muichiro that it was possible to achieve it in two years.

Now we will see the ranking of the best pillars of Kimetsu no Yaiba, according to their power. We’re going to rely more on the manga, since most of the strongest fighters haven’t been seen in action in the anime yet. However, the ranking of several of the pillars is open to debate. We invite you to come and discuss in the comments to give us your own ranking or simply your opinion!