Demon Slayer: Viewers are critical of the show’s portrayal of violence.

Demon Slayer is far from the most brutal thing to hit the animation landscape in recent years. Nevertheless, there has been a flood of complaints in Japan.

All eyes are on Demon Slayer again. After the series transitioned to its 2nd season a few days ago, fans returned to their screens. But not all spectators are convinced by Tanjiro’s story. Some less anime-savvy TV consumers have recently complained about the high level of brutality and depiction of violence in the plot.

Demon Slayer: “Too many carnage scenes”

After the first season of Demon Slayer aired as a special recap on Japanese television in September, more critical voices were raised. As reported by Broadcasting Ethics & amp; Program Improvement Organization (BPO), complaints have been received regarding the “cruelty” of the series.

A viewer of Fuji TV said in a complaint, “There are too many scenes of carnage and cruelty. I felt very uncomfortable with the outlandish depictions of devoured people, a severed arm, and other horrific acts of violence. “

The BPO is not part of the Japanese government and therefore is only able to provide recommendations to broadcasters. However, despite the high number of reviews, she has positioned herself in favor of the continued dissemination of shonen anime. For example, they explained that the popularity of the series suggests that most viewers find the content acceptable. They also stressed that each viewer is responsible for their own television consumption.

The organization aims to promote higher ethical standards without restricting freedom of expression and art. Last year, the BPO already received complaints about the ecchi title Interspecies Reviewers, which allegedly trivialized prostitution. Opinions within the association were much more divided than in the case of Demon Slayer.