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Between the characters of Demon Slayer, the Kasugai Crows that we have seen accompany the demon hunters are worth mentioning, because in addition to being faithful companions, these animals have supported the protagonists of the series throughout their journeys. In this sense, it is worth asking, what are they deep down and what is the function of these mysterious birds?

Messengers of the demon hunters?

The Kusagai Ravens are the birds assigned to the members of the Demon Extermination Corps after passing the Final Selection exam. These ravens are regularly employed to communicate new missions to demon hunters, or so that these warriors can communicate with each other through written or voice notes.

These crows have exceptional intelligence | Image: Shueisha

Kusagai Ravens, unlike ordinary birds, They are capable of using human language, as they are quite intelligent, although in a very rudimentary way, being quite noisy at times. Even so, they can establish deep bonds with their owners, thus establishing a relationship of mutual understanding.

Curiously, not all demon hunters have been assigned crows as companions, highlighting the case of Zenitsu Agatsuma, who after having passed the Final Selection exam, was assigned a small sparrow named Ukogi, which, despite not being able to speak like crows, has managed to communicate with its user through movements and gestures .

There are demon hunters who have never been seen with a Kusagai Raven, although this is quite strange, since these birds are faithful companions that on rare occasions tend to abandon their owners. However, there are cases such as Inosuke Hashibira, who according to Koyoharu Gotouge has explained does not have one of these birds because in the past he tried to eat it more than 18 times, which caused the rejection of the raven.

Thanks to these birds, demon hunters can communicate at a distance | Image: Ufotable

As you can see, the Kasugai Crows employed by the Demon Extermination Corps is a fundamental element for this organization, as it encourages the development of group strategies despite the fact that these hunters are in completely isolated regions. In addition, they are the companion that any lone warrior needs on his way: a friend who, although he cannot speak like a human, can accompany the hero on his adventure, supporting him even in the darkest moments.

And you, did you already know what they are and what is the function of these intelligent birds?


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