Demon Slayer: What is Sun Breath?

Of all the breaths that appear in Demon Slayer, the Sun’s breath is the most mysterious of all. But don’t worry, because here we tell you everything about this unique breath.

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Demon Slayer is one of the most popular and successful sagas in recent anime history.. His movie, ‘The Infinite Train’ is currently the highest grossing anime feature film in history. And it is that, despite the fact that some other aspects can be criticized, especially in terms of history, It is one of the best animes that we have been able to enjoy in recent years.

In all aspects of the series, be it the direction, the soundtrack or the animation, there is an excellent quality, far superior to that of the vast majority of recent anime series. Behind all this is the animation studio Ufotable, responsible for bringing to life another great saga in the world of anime, such as Fate. But let’s not get sidetracked, because today’s topic is the breaths used by demon hunters, and more specifically, the Breath of the Sun.

But why is this breath special? And how is it that we know practically nothing about it, its origins or its users? Well, all these and a few other questions we will answer below.. So, if you want to know in detail the breathing of the sun and everything it means for the world of Demon Slayer and our beloved protagonist, Tanjiro, read on.

What is the breath of the sun?

Most of what we know about her, at least from what we’ve seen so far in the anime, is thanks to Kyojuro Rengoku’s father, Shinjuru. Everything that this man says he does when he sees Tanjiro’s ‘hanafuda’ earrings, which are a symbol of the Breath of the Sun users. What we are going to discuss next it is explained to us at the beginning of the ‘Red Light District Arc’more specifically in the first episode, when Tanjiro visits Rengoku’s familybecause he himself told Kamado to visit them to find out more about the Dance of the Fire God.

What is revealed to us is that this dance, which Tanjiro had seen his father dance when he was just a child and which he later uses to defeat various demons, is actually one of the movements of the Breath of the Sun. This breath, which Tanjiro is a user of in addition to that of water, is actually the original breath and the most powerful of all, from which the rest are derived..


After having the conversation with Kyojuro Rengoku’s drunken father, in which all this is revealed, Senjuro talks to Tanjiro and shows him a book.. This issue is the Tome of the 21st Pillar of Flames, which Rengoku’s young brother says is regularly consulted by his father, who during his youth was the Pillar of Flames. Unfortunately, when they open the book, it turns out that it is torn to shreds and it is practically impossible to read anything on it.

What is the origin of the sun’s breath?

We warn you that, from this point, we will talk with spoilers about the Demon Slayer manga. If you’ve read the original or don’t care to know about what hasn’t been adapted into anime yet, read on.

Senjuro later sends Tanjiro a letter after discovering that the Dance of the Fire God, or Breathing of the Sun, has 13 forms. Tanjiro is able to confirm this for himself somewhat later thanks to a series of dreams he has, called inherited memories, in which he sees memories of his ancestor Sumiyoshi. This distant relative met Yoriichi Tsugikuni, who was a legendary swordsman, creator of the Breath of the Sun, and in fact, the most powerful of the demon slayer corps in the organization’s history.

Thanks to his special skills and innate talent, Yoriichi came very, very close to finishing off Muzan Kibutsuji. In the visions Tanjiro dreams of, this observe Yoriichi using 12 forms of the Breath of the Sun. Yoriichi did not have any offspring, so the movements of the Breath of the Sun are passed from generation to generation until reaching Tanjiro thanks to the recognizable hanafuda earrings.


So far the explanation about the Breath of the Sun, the most important of all in the world of Demon Slayer. Do you find the origin of the Breath of the Sun satisfactory or did you expect something else? Are you looking forward to seeing the new episodes of the anime? You can answer us at Twitterwhere we also remind you that you can follow us to stay up to date with the latest anime, science fiction and fantasy news.