Demon Slayer: What kind of Enmu is?

From the start, Enmu has been a mysterious character in Demon Slayer. But one subject has been hotly debated: the gender of the demon.

The most powerful demons in Demon Slayer are called the Twelve Kizuki, which are divided into six upper ranks and six lower ranks. The lower ranks were all slaughtered by Muzan due to their weakness, except for one: Enmu.

Enmu is the lower rank 1 demon, and the main antagonist of the Mugen Train arc. He appears as a young man of average height, with black hair tinged with rose, and blue eyes engraved with the kanji “Lower One”. These neutral traits, along with a slow, drawling voice, can make Enmu’s gender ambiguous.

Despite this, Enmu is, in fact, a man – and a man with sadistic tendencies. It’s one of the few demons of everything Demon Slayer which seems totally irredeemable, as he enjoys watching the suffering of humans.

His utter devotion to Muzan is also what saved Enmu when he faced impending death. As the rest of the Lower Moons begged for their lives, or tried to save themselves from the slaughter, Enmu faced Muzan with an expression of reverence. This deviation was outside of Muzan’s expectations. As a character who likes to feel superior, Muzan spared Enmu, and instead gave him more blood – and another chance to prove himself.

Enmu took this opportunity, and his newfound power, to hatch a nefarious plot. It merged with the Mugen Train, intending to make its passengers its victims. Most of Enmu’s skills center around his ability to manipulate dreams and reality. He can lull people into his dream realm and show them beautiful idealistic visions, or present them with the most heartbreaking nightmares. It’s this dynamic that challenges Tanjiro’s fortitude throughout the Mugen Train Arc.

Demon Slayer Tanjiros

When Tanjiro and his companions boarded the train to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances, Enmu dragged them into a dream realm with the intention of killing them in their sleep. However, he cruelly borrowed the hands of four vulnerable children with incurable diseases to perform the act, luring them in with the promise of an eternity of happy dreams. Tanjiro has found himself in a world of peace where his family is alive and well, a reality he has long wished for, but cannot regain. Despite how easily he could have gotten lost in this false but idealistic world, with the help of Nezuko, Tanjiro forced himself back to reality.

This is the real cruelty of Enmu. He takes advantage of people’s deepest desires and regrets, and turns them against them. His total devotion to Muzan, along with his sincere enjoyment of human suffering, sets him apart from other demons.