Demon Slayer: What’s the deal with all these talking animals?

Demon Slayer is one of the biggest titles in shonen anime right now, thanks to a winning combination of excellent animation technique, compelling and heartfelt characters, thrilling combat system and themes that resonate. The series is also blessed with solid humor and comic relief, but sometimes it’s more than just jokes.

At first, Kasugai’s talking crows seem like a visual gag, and during the Entertainment District arc, a pair of “muscle mice” were also introduced. They are intelligent animals that can talk, and their loyalty to demon slayers could be quite telling. There’s a reason demons don’t have their own pets to help them out.

How crows and mice flatter demon slayers

It’s unclear exactly how or why there were intelligent mice and crows in the world of Demon Slayer, but killers take these animals for granted, and it’s obvious viewers should too. Kasugai Crows are the main messengers of the Demon Slayer Corps, and ordinary Slayers like the powerful Hashira use them to receive orders or invitations to meetings.

It’s true that in real life crows are some of the most intelligent non-human animals, while parrots can mimic human speech, and in Demon Slayer this is all taken to the next level. Because this is a work of fantasy, not science fiction, the narrative can gloss over the whys and hows, inviting viewers to take the talking animals at face value. It’s handy from a storytelling perspective.

However, these talking animals represent more than suspension of disbelief. Talking crows and helping muscle mice are actually flattering to demon slayers, suggesting that these intelligent animals view slayers as key allies and trustworthy friends. Not all animals accept being tamed or made to work, but the crows of Kasugai dutifully fly from killer to killer to convey messages, and the muscle mice of Tengen Uzui are proud to help.

These animals must see humans as essential allies against the unnatural abominations that are demons, and these crows and mice must also see the purity of spirit in each killer, drawn to their inner goodness. It’s a bit like birds and mice being the helpful friends of Disney princesses, like Cinderella, who had mice with her, and Snow White, who had bird friends. Animals are free from corruption, deceit and evil, and they only associate with like beings.

The Unnatural Corruption of Demons


In contrast, demons are never seen controlling wildlife, be it flora or fauna, at any point in Demon Slayer. In fact, demons are at odds with the natural world, which highlights how unnatural and corrupt they are. For starters, demons cannot resist sunlight, the source of most life, and turn to ashes when exposed to sunlight. They therefore resemble vampires, which are also unnatural and undead creatures.

Additionally, demons are vulnerable to wisteria flowers, which are perfectly harmless to most other beings, including humans. To a human, a wisteria tree is something nice to look at, but to a demon, it’s nothing but poison. It is clear that demons are completely at odds with nature, including animals.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons the demons are never seen using their own versions of Kasugai crows and muscle mice, as these animals dismiss demons as abominations. These animals also seem to have humanity’s best interests at heart, so for more local and conscious reasons, the Kasugai Crows and Muscle Mice would not agree to help Muzan and his minions in any way.

Finally, it is likely that the demons are just too proud to accept the help of talking crows and nice people, considering these animals unworthy of them, not even deserving to be eaten. Demons tend to be lone hunters, as Tanjiro remarked early in the series, and if they won’t even accept help from their own kind, there’s no way a demon will accept help. help birds and mice that talk like a Disney princess. They think they’re too cool to be pets.