“Demon Slayer”: when will season 2 of ‘Kimetsu no Yaiba’ be released

Since its premiere in 2019, “Demon Slayer”(“ Kimetsu no Yaiba ”in its original language) has become an anime phenomenon, so fans are looking forward to the premiere of its second season, which was confirmed in February 2021.

The new installment of the series is an adaptation of ‘Entertainment District Arc’ (‘Arch of the Entertainment District’ or ‘Arc of the Red Light District’), the eighth arc, and one of the most amazing, of the original manga of the same name of Koyoharu Gotouge.

The first season of “”Follows the story of Tanjiro, a young man who must undertake a dangerous journey to find the cure for his sister and thus avenge the death of his entire family at the hands of a demon. What will happen in the second installment?

After the Infinity Train incident, the trio of Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu head towards a city full of bright lights, Yoshiwara. (Photo: Ufotable)


The second season of “Demon Slayer”Will be released on December 5, 2021 in Japan. When in the United States and Latin America? The date has yet to be confirmed, but it will be through , and Hulu. would later acquire the reproduction rights.

The new installment will begin with a special episode of about an hour in length. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the “Red Light District Arch” will not be censored, although Fuji TV noted that it “will go through the usual review processes.”

On the other hand, from October 10, seven episodes of the arc of “Infinite train”For fans who haven’t seen the movie. There will be six chapters that will address the events of the film, with images and new music, as well as an additional and introductory episode that will introduce Kyojuro Rengoku on an unpublished mission, one day before boarding the train.

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While the first season of “”Takes place mainly in nature, in the second installment, the characters will be closer to urban areas, with a mysterious woman, seen in the first teaser, as a presumed enemy.

The second part of the anime will cover the story known as ‘Entertainment District Arc’, which infiltrates demon hunters into an urban district, where people know nothing about demons and where Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke join Tengen Uzui, the Pillar of Sound (Hashira of Sound), to help him find his wives. In this location, the characters know different elements, as well as new technologies, that lead the plot to a very attractive climax when Daki, of the Twelve Kizuki, makes his appearance.

For “Demon Slayer”, This arc is critical, as it leaves the episodic missions behind and begins to further tie the fights together to lay the groundwork for the final game. The ‘Red Light District Arc’, which takes place in the immediate aftermath of the tragic and revealing events of “Mugen Train”, also unlocks new powers for Tanjiro and Nezuko and strengthens their relationship with Zenitsu and Inosuke, their fellow travelers. training and friends.

Rengoku was the first Hashira to die in "Demon Slayer" (Photo: Ufotable))
Rengoku was the first Hashira to die in “Demon Slayer” (Photo: Ufotable))