Demon Slayer: Which Character Are You Based On Your Enneagram Type? | Pretty Reel

With Demon Slayer Season 3 slated for 2023, the popular show has once again become one of the most anticipated releases of the coming year.

Season 2 was also eagerly awaited by the community, and the action-packed scenes with beautiful animation did not disappoint. Besides the animation, Demon Slayer has a fantastic cast of characters with distinct personalities. Each type of Enneagram is correctly represented by one Demon Slayer character or another.

1: The Reformer – Shinobu

Shinobu is one of two Hashira arguably more popular than Tanjiro, the other being Giyuu. The insect Hashira is one of the fastest characters in the series.

Shinbou fits well with the nickname Enneagram 1 reformer. She is constantly in battle within her own morals about how Hashira should behave around demons. Her sister, Kanae, took pity on demons and hoped that some could live peacefully with humans. Shinobu’s moral dilemma of mixing her own principles with respect for her sister’s legacy makes her one of the most compelling characters in the series.

2: Help – Mitsuri

Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, is set to be one of the main supporting characters in Season 3. She’s one of the most physically strong Hashira, which is funny considering her size and build compared to the others.

So far, Mitsuri has been shown to be devoted to the idea of ​​love and being loved by fellow Hashira. Almost an extreme example of Enneagram 2, The Helper, Mitsuri is that at his heart. She is dedicated to her team and all she really wants in return is love and friendship. She is in some ways the most selfless and selfish Hashira.

3: The director – Daki and Gyutaro

Daki and Gyutaro are two of Demon Slayer’s best minor villains so far, and the pair are surprisingly similar despite their occasional sibling bickering.

Both Daki and Gyutaro seem to value their accomplishments. While there are plenty of wholesome examples of Enneagram 3 in the media, perhaps Daki and Gyutaro are taking The Achiever moniker too far. The number of Hashira they killed, Gyutaro’s increased status by having a sister-in-law, and Daki’s status with Muzan are all determining factors in the stories of the brother.

4: The Individualist – Kanao

Kanao and Tanjiro are arguably the best couple in Shonen Jump. However, she’s also a fantasy character in her own right and is probably the strongest non-Hashira.

Kanao’s Enneagram type is interesting because it’s something she sometimes struggles with. Her story is largely about finding out who she authentically is. She constantly struggles to find meaning in her life and find out who she really is. The 4’s nickname is The Individualist, and Kanao’s journey into individualism is one of the most heartwarming parts of Season 1.

5: The Investigator – Giyu

Water Hashira is the most adaptive Hashira, and possibly number one overall, in a jack-of-all-trades sense. He is also arguably the most important Hashira in history.

Giyu is arguably the most cerebral fighter in Demon Slayer, but he has 5-like qualities in addition to his intelligence. Giyu’s greatest tragedy also relates to his own skill: his desire to become stronger after losing his friend Sabito. Giyu’s drive to become better intellectually and in his skills makes him perfect for the Enneagram 5 Investigator moniker.

6: The Loyalist – Zenitsu

The one-trick pony Demon Slayer Zenitsu is a master of the first form of Thunder Breathing. However, this is the only form he can properly use in battle.

Zenitsu is incredibly powerful when he sleeps, but when awake his main focus is on two things: finding a wife and his fear of demons. Zenitsu’s anxious and security-oriented nature makes him a dead 6. He even fits the ‘loyalist’ moniker, as he’s incredibly devoted to Tanjiro and Nezuko – partly because he wants to marry Nezuko, but also because he’s a loyal companion to the Kamado family.

7: The Enthusiast – Tengen

Tengen Uzui was one of the main supporting characters in the second season of Demon Slayer. The Sound Hashira made a huge impression in his battle with Upper Moon 6, Gyutaro.

Few characters deserve the nickname “passionate” more than Tengen. Along with his wives, Tengen’s desire is to live a life of peace and freedom after finally defeating a higher ranking demon. He is also an enthusiastic and flashy character who makes the most of every situation.

8: The Challenger – Inosuke

The inventor of Beast Breathing is one of the best comedic characters in anime, but he also has some epic moments that solidify him as one of Demon Slayer’s best.

Inosuke’s constant need to prove himself against others makes him an ideal candidate for Enneagram 8, The Challenger. He is confident, perhaps overconfident, in his abilities and tries to show others this skill at every opportunity. Much like he was when he challenged Tanjiro to a fight in his first episode, Inosuke’s confrontational nature never really subsided.

9: The Peacemaker – Tanjiro

Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of Demon Slayer and the only character to have mastered two distinct types of breathing: Water Breathing and Solar Breathing.

Tanjiro fits the definition of a peacemaker perfectly. He devotes himself to his sister and his friends before himself. His main goal is to bring peace to the world by defeating Muzan and is willing to sacrifice himself to help restore peace.