“Demon Slayer”: who is Gyutaro, Daki’s brother

Who is Gyutaro? Daki’s brother made his appearance in episode 7 of season 2 of “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, surprising Tengen Uzui, the Pillar of Sound. The series, which can be seen on Crunchyroll, had an exciting episode, especially since it seemed that the situation with the sixth Crescent Moon was already resolved. However, the anime returned to give a new twist to his story.

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Prior to the presentation of Gyutaro, the fight between Tanjirou and Daki had turned in favor of matademonios. With solar breathing, the protagonist was able to put the demon on the ropes.

However, the technician’s effort put him at the limit of his physique and he ended up collapsed because he could not breathe. Given this, Nezuko entered his awakened form and hurt more 6th Crescent Moon.

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As Tanjiro tries to calm Nezuko down, Uzui cuts off Daki’s head.but she doesn’t die. Intrigued by this, because the demon was not that strong, Gyutaro appears, the new and powerful opponent of the Pillar of Sound.

Gyutaro and Tengen Uzui about to start the fight. (Photo: Ufotable)


Gyutaro introduced himself as the brother of at the, with whom he shares the title of the 6th Crescent Moon and, as shown in battle, the one with more power of the two. His appearance is the opposite of the demon: he is ugly, dark, and from time to time he hurts himself until he bleeds.

In addition, he is envious of seeing that Tengen Uzui not only is he strong but he is handsome and tall. But the most important thing about Gyutaro is that he uses a couple of sickles that manage to hurt the Pillar of Sound.

In this way, Gyutaro is Daki’s brother with whom he shares the body, because that explains why the latter did not disappear when Uzui cut his neck in an easy way. Now, in the next chapter of “Demon Slayer” 2, more will be known about the villain of the Arc of the Entertainment District.

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moments before, Makio, Suma and Hinatsuru are rescued by Tengen Uzui twice during chapter 5 of la temporada 2 “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”. First, the Pillar of Sound finds Hinatsuru who had survived being eaten by at the by ingesting poison. Her husband cuts the scarves and gives her an antidote so she can recover and then flee the district.

Later, Inosuke he is the one who detects Daki’s lair under the earth. The matademonios He adjusts his body to go through the hole and thus get to where part of the demon’s scarf, which also has a life of its own, hid people and then ate them. He kept them intact by enclosing them like fabric prints. Zenitsu He was among the victims.

Makio and Suma He manages to get out of the scarf thanks to Inosuke, as does Zenitsu, but when they were about to have an exhausting battle, Tengen appears and, with a single move, cuts all the scarves and rescues the two wives he was looking for. In addition, the new episode of “Demon Slayer” shows some passages from the kunoichi’s past and how they value their lives more when they meet Uzui.

Makio, one of the wives of the pillar Tengen Uzui. (Photo: Ufotable)
Makio, one of the wives of the pillar Tengen Uzui. (Photo: Ufotable)


The seventh episode of the second season of “Demon Slayer” premiered on Sunday, January 16 in Japan and the United States through Fumination, Crunchyroll Y Hulu.

In case you have free account On Crunchyroll, the new chapter of the anime will be available a week later with original subtitles.

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