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There is no doubt that “demon slayer” is one of the most popular anime in recent years, but its success is due to various people involved in the production, from the writer and illustrator Koyoharu Gotōge to the calligrapher Tsunanori Sakaguchi.

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Unfortunately, the creator of the typeface of ” He died on March 14, 2022, at the age of 86, due to heart failure, as reported by the .

He worked under the name Eisen Tsunanori and created 57 different types of calligraphy fonts covering 400,000 different characters. Two of his sources, Kokuryu-sоu and Shinryu-sоu, are used in “”.

Tsunanori Sakaguchi worked under the name Eisen Tsunanori (Photo: ANN)


Tsunanori Sakaguchi was born in November 1935 in Kagoshima prefecture, where he also died, but lived for a time in Taiwan. From a very young age he discovered his love for drawing and painting.

According to the information collected in , in the fourth year of primary school, his teacher asked him to help him raise funds for the school by painting pictures, which were placed on hanging scrolls and sold to another educational center. With the proceeds they bought some books.

Although Eisen Tsunanori, a pseudonym for the calligrapher, initially wanted to be a painter, he eventually decided to apprentice himself as a signmaker in Tokyo before returning to Kagoshima and opening his own signmaking business, Shо̄wa Shо̄tai, in 2013.

Since then, he dedicated himself to the lettering trade and overcame various difficulties, including a major fire. The person in charge of telling him that two of his sources were used in “” was his grandson. Both were added to the Adobe Fonts service in 2021.

Tsunanori Sakaguchi opened her own label business (Photo: ANN)
Tsunanori Sakaguchi opened her own label business (Photo: ANN)