Demon Slayer’s most powerful hashira isn’t what fans would expect

Gyomei Himejima is the common choice among Demon slayer fans when you consider who is the most powerful member of the Hashira, the Demon Slayer Corps’ Pillar Fighter Squad. However, a closer reading of the manga suggests that while Himejima may be the most powerful force in the Demon Slayer ranks, he may not be the most powerful. Indeed, if one considers the ability to exercise one’s will or influence over others, the fairest choice for the most powerful Hashira would be none other than Mitsuri Kanroji, also known as “Love Hashira”.

The Hashira are the toughest, most dedicated and deadly demon slayers. To become a Hashira, you must not only progress through the nine ranks of the Common Corps Demon Slayer, but also have killed a major demon or 50 demons of lower level. Needless to say, when a Hashira appears, the potential for demon slaughter increases dramatically. As with all overpowered beings, there is a specter of effectiveness in Hashira’s ranks. While any Hashira is more effective at killing demons than a simple Demon Slayer; compared to each other, there is some difference in the capabilities. As with any team, Hashira members run the gamut of personalities, sizes, and appearances. At first glance, Mitsuri Kanroji doesn’t exude a particular level of ferocity. Indeed, his personality hardly corresponds to the image of a master destroyer of demons.

As his designation “Love” suggests, Mitsuri is one of the friendliest and most supportive members of the team. She never has bad things to say about others and can always find something positive in the most negative situations. Certainly, when Tanjiro is first introduced to Kagaya Ubuyashiki, it is Mitsuri who suggests to the Hashira not to punish him for harboring a demon until Kagaya arrives to give his opinion. From this, it would be natural to think that Mitsuri is one of the lesser Hashira. The reality, however, is that beneath her behavior as Sailor Moon, Mitsuri is not only one of the strongest Hashira, but also one of the most talented. Her strength comes from the fact that she has a genetic mutation that makes muscles several times denser than the average human. As a result, she possesses what can only be described as superhuman strength and stamina.

When these abilities are combined with her inherently incredible flexibility, speed and unique style of sword fighting that exudes love, Mitsuri is the most powerful Hashira of the bunch. Her combination of abilities and skills makes her the Hashira most likely to impose her will on an opponent. This is demonstrated in the fight against Demon Lord Muzan Kibutsuji, in chapter 198 of the manga. During the fight, Mitsuri is able to do something that no other Hashira has done before without using a weapon: she literally tears off one of Muzan’s main arms with her bare hands. She does this after taking massive damage in a previous melee with the Demon Lord at the start of combat.

Mitsuri’s move is one small act in a massive battle, but it turns out to be decisive. This prevents Muzan from most likely killing Tanjiro, and it also gives Hashira Shinazugawa time to travel to Tanjiro and help keep Muzan pinned to the wall as the sun rises. It also shows that for his laughter and his giggles, Mitsuri Kanroji This is the key Hashira bring the Demon slayers victory in this fight.

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