Demon Slayer’s Nezuko “caused terror” in Mexico’s subway


For: samuel moreno | 18-12-22

Next year the third season of demon slayerafter a very successful debut of its second season throughout this 2022. The Adventures of Tanjiro continue to excite anime fans, in the midst of a large number of popular series that have been appearing recently (say Chainsaw Man).

Outside of Japan, Demon Slayer became quite popular in regions such as Latin America, where we have even had a dubbing done in Mexico, being quite popular among many people, and highlighting the great work of the actors who participated. For this reason, several ensure good anime merchandising, although no one imagined that a figure would end up worrying those in charge of the Mexican subway.

Through the social networks of the Mexico City subway, a breakdown was reported in one of the doors of the ‘line 6‘. Naturally, the technicians went to attend to the problem because it is quite strange and delicate that the doors of the train are not working correctly and that could cause problems for users who use this route every day.


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When they got to the train, they were surprised that a ‘plastic object‘ had stayed in the middle of the door and that was obstructing. Users never imagined that it would be a figure of Nezuko, co-star of the series, which would steal the show.

The CDMX metro account asked users to always keep your belongings well to avoid any problem with the doors. I think the saddest thing is that someone will have come home regretting where their Nezuko figure will have been.