Design Giyu from Demon Slayer as a Pokémon Trainer and he’s cool

Pokémon is one of the Enduring anime in the history of Japanese animated series. It is also one of the most consolidated video game franchises today, with numerous playable titles and an exorbitant amount of merchandasing. Nintendo knew how to exploit this diamond in the rough and now fans continue to feed pokemon fever.

This franchise never goes out of style, that’s why a user in Reddit wanted to combine two of his favorite animes: Watchmen of the Nights (Kimetsu no Yaiba) and Pokémon. In this illustration we see Giyu, the first demon slayer that our protagonist Tanjiro met in the forest near his house. He was the first character in really help Tanjiro with his sister, placing a bamboo muzzle so that it could not bite anyone.

Giyu as if it were a Pokémon character

It is noteworthy that the user of Reddit have illustrated this character as a water pokemon trainer. Well, it is one of the Slayers most powerful of all the guild, is one of the Pillars specialized in water techniques, like our protagonist. Next to him we see a kind of water type pokemon, Gyarados. This is possibly one of the first shiny that users could catch in video games. In addition, Gyarados is originated from a genetic manipulation carried out by Team Rocket, so it seems that he is a Dragon type, although be flying type.

Giyu from the Night's Watch as pokemon trainer

Also, the proportion of the image in terms of lines and colors is spectacular. The user who made this fanart he knew how to capture the essence of what it means to be a true pokemon trainer. “You are challenged by Leader Giyu” is shown in the illustration, which presents Giyu as a pokemon trainer who challenges you to fight him. Would you dare