Design Nezuko from Demon Slayer with a casual design that will make you fall in love

We all love Nezuko. It is one of the most adorable characters that has left us an anime in a long time, not to mention that it is also one of those that promises more development in its future. What’s more, Demon Slayer is also one of the most loved anime of recent times and has earned a lot of creations from his fans, such as these realistic versions of his protagonists. Today, however, we bring you a version of Nezuko that is cute as well as great.

Illustration has been uploaded to Reddit by u/DartronixArts, who has done a great job in creating a more modern and casual version of our beloved Nezuko. In the design, DartronixArts changes Nezuko’s usual outfit based on the Taishō period from Japan for a more modern one with a skirt, belt, coat, a T-shirt and leggings. All this in a color that continues to remind us that Nezuko maintains a firm style no matter what era it is in.

What’s more, DartronixArts leave us a link a your Instagram account, where in addition to being able to see this Nezuko design we will be able to browse many, many more. In his biography, Dartronix tells us that it is Character Designer, Writer and Illustrator. In addition, it claims to accept commissions currently. His designs maintain a fairly modern anime aesthetic, with a use of the color palette quite vibrant and pleasant. So now you know, if you want to support little artists, run to their profile.

Demon Slayer will be receiving the second season of his anime this December 5 in Japan, and will be visible in the United States and Latin America from services such as Crunchyroll, Hulu y Fumination. This second season will be based on the Arch of the Entertainment District and its developers They have promised to respect what was seen in the manga.