Did you know that Bandai’s Dragon Ball and Knights of the Zodiac figures arrived in Chile thanks to Ansaldo?: The story

Bandai Namco’s new figures have caused a sensation in fans of all ages; now they are the protagonists on collectors’ shelves and the little ones take them everywhere to share moments full of fun, but Do you know how they got to Chile?

Bandai Namco is the master of the figures of these two anime giants, but a fact that you probably did not know is that thanks to Ansaldothe oldest toy store in Chile, now everyone can have in their hands and get the most out of these wonderful figures.

Claudio Ansaldo, current development and marketing manager of the company that is celebrating 120 years of experience, told us that “since 2009, Ansaldo brings to Chile the toys of Bandai Namco Group, the prestigious Japanese company leader in the global entertainment industry”.

All the power of Bandai Namco in the hands of Ansaldo: the story

Another fact that you probably did not know is that until 2008 Mattel was the distributor of Bandai toys for Latin America, but after becoming independent, they began to participate in different toy fairs in the United States and Europe.

And it was at one of those fairs that Claudio Ansaldo, current development and marketing manager of the toy store, contacted Bandai and decided to bring Dragon Ball figures to Chile of 10 and 20 centimeters that turned out to be a total success.

Do you want to win the figures of Goku and Seiya?

From FayerWayer we bring you a contest together with Ansaldowhich you can find on our Instagram account.

The first figure to draw is from the new line Anime Heroes and it is everything that fans of this successful series have expected, it is none other than Sina dressed as Sagittarius Aiolos.

bandai namco

This Bandai figure belongs to the powerful and legendary Knights of the Zodiac and has a highly realistic level of detail, it has 17 points of articulation to achieve greater possibility of positions.

It also includes 1 set of hands that are interchangeable and is perfect for collecting and enjoying endless hours of fun recreating the most legendary adventures and battles of these characters.

And in this contest could not miss one of the characters most loved by all, That’s right, we’re talking about Goku! but it is not just any figure it is the transformation of it from Super Saiyan 4one of the most acclaimed by the audience.

bandai namco

This 17 cm figure has arrived so that fans can hold their favorite character in their hands and feel the power of being the directors of the most incredible scenes to be able to recreate them alone or in company without leaving home.

It also has 16 or more points of articulation, and also comes with additional hands to achieve infinite positions to play, fight or collect.

More anime: for all tastes

And although in this note we focus on Dragon Ball and The Knights of the Zodiac, the giants of Ansaldo have focused in recent years on connecting with the geek community in Chile and have brought figures from the most popular television series such as Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, One Piece, Naruto, among others, and for this end of the year figures from the anime and manga Demon Slayer and Bleach will arrive.

Tell us which are your favorite figures and if you prefer to play with them or collect them.

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