Dr. Stone: 10 anime characters who would thrive in the new Stone Age

On Dr. Stone , a mysterious light suddenly bathes the earth and turns all of humanity into statues. Society collapses and any trace of it decomposes over the three thousand seven hundred years that elapse until the brilliant protagonist, Senku, resurfaces from his stone cocoon with the intention of rebuilding everything from scratch.

Thanks to Senku’s brilliant mind, not only has he been able to survive the new stone age, but he thrives in ways that seem almost impossible. Although not all characters in the anime are the kind of scientific genius that Senku is, there are quite a few characters that could survive. al world of Dr. Stone in his own way.

10 Inosuke already lived in the wild (Demon Slayer)

Some characters would have to adapt to the new stone age of the Dr. Stone and to the wild landscape, but for Inosuke Hashibira , de Demon Slayer it would probably feel like home. For most of his life, Inosuke already lived in the wild and was raised by wild boars, so he’s used to that kind of environment by now.

In addition to being in his element, Inosuke’s abilities as a Demon Hunter end up being an advantage in the stone world as well, so he would have no problem hunting for food or fighting ferocious animals.

9 For Sanji, being a cook has its advantages (One Piece)1630403482 229 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

It could be argued that each of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates de One Piece He has survived the world of stone, though noteworthy is the crew’s resident cook, Vinsmoke Sanji. Sanji has already had the experience of being stranded without food or water and has managed to get out the other side. Furthermore, since Sanji’s abilities were always his, and since he doesn’t need weapons, he could survive the elements and creatures of the stone world quite easily.

His skills as a cook are also a huge advantage, and since Senku (who is not a cook) managed to make ramen and cotton candy, Sanji’s culinary skill is likely to help him survive even in this harsh environment.

8 The experience and alchemy of Edward and Alphonse contribute a lot (Fullmetal Alchemist)1630403483 342 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

The Elric Brothersde Fullmetal Alchemist they’ve been through a lot from a young age, including being left to fend for themselves on an uninhabited island as part of their alchemical training. If they wake up again in the new stone age, Ed and Al already know how to survive in such an environment.

In addition, Ed and Al are also skilled alchemists and can use their skills to create tools, take shelter or hunt for food, and the fact that Al has no body means that he does not need to eat or sleep like his older brother. For the Elrics, their skills and experience provide everything they need.

7 Natsu has a great survival instinct and the power to back him up (Fairy Tail)1630403483 436 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

Characters with magical powers have a better chance of surviving the new stone age, especially those whose magic is a natural ability for them, such as Natsu. , de Fairy Tail . Natsu was raised by a dragon, which not only provided him with his natural talent for dragon slayer magic, but also the experience of surviving alone in the wild at a young age.

In addition to all this, Natsu’s strength, durability, and senses are greater than a normal human, so he could fend for himself and fight off any attack from people or predators. Also, Natsu’s main abilities are fire-based, which already provides him with a basic need.

6 Korosensei is stronger and faster than any other creature on Earth (Assassination Classroom)1630403483 545 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

Although he often seems foolish and carefree, the Korosensei de Assassination Classroom He is an octopus-like mutant who used to be one of the world’s deadliest assassins, making him more than capable of surviving in the world of Dr. Stone .

Capable of moving at speeds of Mach 20, Korosensei could find food and shelter literally anywhere on earth he wanted in almost no time. Furthermore, his unique body makes him basically indestructible, and the only weapons that could hurt him would have already disappeared. The stone world would basically be Korosensei’s oyster to do whatever it wanted.

5 Kumoko’s natural abilities give her an advantage (I’m a spider, so what?)1630403483 106 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

Some individuals are already used to being left alone to survive in a harsh world without any social interaction. In the case of Kumoko, de So I’m a Spider, So What? , she was already there by the time she was reincarnated into a spider, and this gives her the edge against much that the new stone age can throw at her.

Since Kumoko’s abilities are his own, he would have access to them in the stone world, and as such he could survive and thrive in the untamed land and its creatures without much trouble. He has also learned not to be so picky about food, and his experience during his adventure on the isekai has given him a keen instinct for survival. Soon enough, Kumoko would become the most dangerous creature in the stone world.

4 Ban is immortal and has survived worse (the seven deadly sins)1630403484 704 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

After drinking from the legendary Fountain of Youth, Ban , from the Seven Deadly Sins, he became immortal, able to regenerate from any injury and not age. Time and experience during Ban’s long life became his best teachers, making him stronger and faster than normal people could be. All of this would be all you need to survive in the stone world.

Ban actually survived purgatory, arguably a harsher and harsher environment, for what was more than seven hundred years for him. If your immortality can survive that, then you can survive the new stone age to the point of being able to see how people advance beyond.

3 Rimuru does not need food or water to survive (that time I was reincarnated into a slime)1630403484 131 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

As the title of That time I was reincarnated in a lim Or, Rimuru Tempest was a normal human who was reborn in another world as a slime. He was also not a defenseless ball of slime for long, as his new abilities and impervious body grew rapidly to the point that basically nothing could hurt or kill him. It doesn’t even need food or water to survive.

It can literally consume any threat that comes its way and even reverse death if it wishes. Considering that Rimuru has become a being at the level of the most powerful Demon Lords, the world of Dr. Stone would really be child’s play for him.

2 There is nothing that can kill Anos (Demon King Academy)1630403484 872 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

Anos Voldigoad, the misfit holder of The Demon King Academy, it’s more than ridiculously powerful. Nearly immortal and capable of ending the universe at any moment if he wanted to, being trapped in the new stone age would be more of a vacation for Anos than a problem for him.

Anos could rebuild the stone world from scratch if he wanted, and easily, as the stone world literally holds no threat that Anos cannot easily ignore, deny, or destroy with his nearly infinite number of magical abilities. To top it off, you can also manipulate time, which means that if you wanted to fast-forward until the new stone age was modern, you could.

1 Goku is no stranger to the desert (Dragon Ball)1630403484 187 Dr Stone 10 anime characters who would thrive in the.webp

Although most know Goku by dragon Ball as the ever more powerful Saiyan warrior who has fought against world-ending threats, some forget that he lived alone and away from society for much of his childhood, and that experience has never quite disappeared.

Goku would be pretty well prepared for the new stone age even if he didn’t have that experience on him, as his strength can easily help him hunt or defend himself without much effort, and his ability to fly makes gathering food and resources easy. Not to mention, if he used Instant Transmission, he could teleport anywhere he wanted, even to other planets.