Dragon Ball fan art shows Kale and Kaulifla in a fierce fight

In addition to cosplay, the fandom is also a fan of the work done by artists who draw fan arts inspired by their favorite franchises, and this practice also has the joy of having almost unlimited resources from which to draw inspiration, including manga and anime. anime, like the one we will see today, it is a fan art inspired by Dragon Ball.

You would have to be very unfamiliar with the franchise of dragon ball to negate its incredible popularity from its beginnings to this day. One of the reasons is that the history of Goku He has accompanied many of us since our childhood, because we grew up watching his incredible adventures with his friends, where we have been able to meet a wide variety of characters.

Dragon Ball fan art shows Kale and Kaulifla in a fierce fight

Thanks to the richness of its history and characters, Dragon Ball is often a source of inspiration for all kinds of artists, ranging from cosplay to fan arts, as it has an immense catalog of characters from which to draw inspiration for its tributes, and that happened today in this fan art.

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Though dragon ball is on a hiatus with its anime series after the completion of the Tournament of Power, the manga continues its course, and although the story may not enjoy the same fame that it had in the days of Dragon Ball Z, the franchise still has a large number of loyal fans, and today’s artist is one of them as he has shown in this fan art.

Now the genie @elite_nappa gives us a great fan art of dragon ball where can we see kale and kaulifla transformed into super Saiyan While they have a tremendous fight that has not only shaken the earth, but also ripped their clothes, as the image shows, their clothes are only hanging by a thread, but nobody seems to be upset by this fact.

To be sure, Dragon Ball fans often find ways to show their love for this beloved franchise. Whether it’s becoming their favorite characters through cosplay, tattoos, songs, game mods, or in the form of fan art like the one we’ve shown you today.

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