Dragon Ball on Netflix? The latest rumours.

news culture Dragon Ball on Netflix? The latest rumours.

Dragon Ball is one of the major anime that is missing from the Netflix platform. A state of affairs that could change?

Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Naruto, My Hero Academia, Hunter X Hunter… The most popular anime are on Netflix. One Piece will even be entitled to its live-action series on Netflix in a few months. But a major work of comics and Japanese animation is still and always missing: Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball on Netflix: “We try”

All it took was a tweet. That’s all it took for Dragon Ball Fans’ Hopes Are Renewed. Indeed, it was during a question-and-answer session on Twitter that the Netflix France account hinted that the platform was looking to acquire the rights to Dragon Ball. More so, the message hints that Netflix wants to be able to stream Dragon Ball for some time now.

A hell of a catalog to recover

If nothing is therefore confirmed, we have the certainty that Netflix wants Dragon Ball. Toriyama’s work is quite cautious with streaming platforms and we suspect that negotiations to acquire the rights are not easy. If Netflix managed to acquire these rights, the platform would have a well-filled catalogue: 153 episodes of dragonball291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z64 episodes of Dragon Ball GT167 episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kaibut also at least 131 episodes of Dragon Ball Superseries still in progress, and 35 episodes of super dragon ball heroes, also in progress. Add to this the different feature films of the Dragon Ball license.

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By Damien ScalettaWriting jeuxvideo.com