Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero dominates the global box office!

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero exceeded expectations and dominated the global box office

Variety reported that the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was a success in its first weekend of exhibition and managed to raise $21 million in ticket sales at USA During its screening at 3,007 screens.

The anime film distributed by Crunchyrollearned twice as much as the other weekend premiere, Beastmade by Idris Elbe that only collected $11.5 million in 3,743 cinemas Americans. In total, the anime film has grossed $45 million in just 7 markets. Mexico has been one of the countries in which it has had the best performance at the box office, since the film starring Luis Manuel Ávila as the voice of Gohan has raised more than 74 million Mexican pesos, either 3.7 million dollars.

In Japan, the film also continues to increase its box office, as it has just collected more than 18 million dollars. Although very impressive, it actually held up to the same box office levels it debuted with. Demon Slayer; MugenTrain last year, but the manga adaptation created by Koyoharu Gotouge turned into anime movie highest grossing in history By raising more than 500 million worldwide, we will have to wait to see if the new adventure of piccolo and gohan it holds up to reach those numbers as well.

After the surprising success, Mitchell Berger, Senior Vice President of Global Trade crunchyroll, announced through a statement that they were “absolutely delighted” that the public of dragon ball respond positively to the project. “Crunchyroll thanks all the fans, whether or not they are a ‘super fan’ or a newcomer, and we hope you will come back again and again.”

The film directed by Tetsuro Kodamaalso benefited from its presence in formats such as Imax, 4DX and Dolby Cinemas which was screened in 327 screens, what it represented $3.4 million in ticket sales.

Does the box office normalize?

Despite Beast has only managed to collect 11.5 million dollars in the United States Y $10.2 million at the international box office, but the film had a budget of 36 million dollars, so with the passage of time Universal could be recovering its investment. However, the film has mixed reviews and it doesn’t seem like it can compete a second week with the success of Dragon Ball.

In the meantime, the action thriller Bullet Train It ranked third at the box office. The film starring Brad Pitt, cost $90 millionand so far has raised more than 150 million dollars worldwide, so that still be in the top of box office hits could ensure a much higher collection to Sony.

On the other hand, the success of paramont, Top Gun: Maverickcontinues to cling to the box office and despite the fact that it is almost 3 months old, the successful action sequel has remained in has raised 1,355 million dollars internationally and could continue to add more millions thanks to being in fourth place in the US box office.

At number five, the animated adventure of Warner Bros, DC League of Super-Petsraised this weekend $5.77 million after four weeks of exhibition. The film has generated $66.4 million in the United States.

Last but not least, the slasher satire of A24, Bodysuits Bodysuitsranked 10th on the US charts, adding $2.4 million dollars, This film is also being praised by critics and its presence on social networks is beginning to increase, so we could be facing a new success in the style of Everything Everywhere At The Same Time. While the psychological terror of paramont, Orphan: First Kill, was another success for lovers of the genre, as it raised $1.6 million in just 498 rooms.

This shows very healthy room attendance despite not have major blockbuster releases. This can send positive messages about the state of the general industry and the willingness of people to return to theaters, especially in light of the uncertainty caused by the announcement of cineworld over the weekend, where he confirmed that he would have to declare bankruptcy To make sure that Regal Cinemas, the second largest cinema chain in the world, could continue with its normal operations.

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