Elden Ring: A tribute to a cult Disney film discovered!

Game news Elden Ring: A tribute to a cult Disney film discovered!

Already 10 days since Elden Ring, the new title from From Software, arrived on consoles and PC. Extremely well received, the title currently occupies the attention, and the Steam figures confirm a more than certain interest. An exposure reinforced by the first sales estimates, which are colossal.

In the weekend since its launch, Elden Ring experienced a spike in concurrently connected players of 944,000 players, an all-time high for a From Software game. A few days later, our colleagues from DSO Gaming went to look at SteamSpy’s statistics and estimated that the game’s sales already exceeded 5 million copies. A figure very largely revised upwards by the site, which now estimates that Elden Ring would have sold more than 10 million copies in the world, just on PC.

The Lord of Elden and the Snow Queen hand in hand?

With such a community, it was obvious that players would quickly share their findings in the vast open world designed by the developers. Many players quickly searched and mentioned an easter egg dedicated to Iron Throne by George RR Martin (who participated in the creation of the Elden Ring universe), another, more subtle, which would be related to Demon Slayerbut it is now a tribute to a Disney animated film that was allegedly discovered.

Reading the description of a particular piece of armor, a Reddit user would immediately acknowledged a reference to Snow Queen and to his signature song, Let It Go. The armor in question is that of Blaidd, a warrior-NPC that we meet in the title, and that we can possibly face afterwards. . Playing in English and by reading the description of the object, one can read the following mention:

Well-worn black armor of the man-wolf Blaidd. The pelt serves as a cape, protecting from cold. Blaidd was the blade of Ranni , but the cold bothered him anyway.

Well-worn black armor of the wolfman Blaidd The skin serves as a cloak, protecting from the cold. Blaidd was Ranni’s blade but the cold still bothered him.

A film that has already been entitled to its mention in World of Warcraft!

Elden Ring: A tribute to a cult Disney film discovered!

The last proposition of the description seems indeed to evoke the last sentence of the original version from the song Let It Go (Freed, Delivered), which is as follows: “The cold never bothered me anyway”. Encouraging exploration, research and reading of the many descriptions, Elden Ring has many secrets to discover, and multiple references are certainly waiting to be flushed out by the players.

If this reference surprises you, know that it is obviously not the first time that Frozen, which became one of the biggest hits of all time for the American firm, foray into a video game nothing to do with Disney. In an “April Fool” patch of World of Warcraft, 8 years ago, the developers had indeed added the following mention:

Despite concerns over workers’ rights violations due to unreasonable weather conditions, Arthas has stated that people should let it goand that he will indeed remain the final boss of Icecrown Citadel. The cold never bothered him anyway.

Despite concerns about workers’ rights violations due to unreasonable weather, Arthas said people should let it go and he will effectively remain the last boss of Icecrown Citadel. The cold never bothered him anyway.

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