Everything we know about Dabi’s true identity!

Attention ! Spoilers for My Hero Academia Episode 11: Dabi’s Dance.

Even if the heroes of Class 1-A and the Hero Society manage to defeat Shigaraki and its strengths, Effects of Dabi’s Big Reveal Send Shockwaves Through the Shonen Universe. With the curtain drawn, now is the best time to reveal everything we currently know about Dabi’s identity.

Dabi revealed to be none other than Toya Todoroki, the eldest child of the number one hero, Endeavor, and his wife Rei Himura. When Enji Todoroki, aka Endeavormarried Rei, he didn’t do it for love, but simply to produce offspring that would have a combination of their two Quirks, creating a “hero of fire and ice” who could potentially surpass All Might in the power department. hero. While subjecting Toya to intense training, an incident occurred in which the eldest of the Todoroki was considered dead.t. The family was in mourning but the terrifying training regimen continued with Shoto, the current Class 1-A heavyweight who inherited his mother and father’s powers.

Toya, who survived the accident in which his skin was horribly burned, came to hate his father, unable to live up to his expectations due to his inability to manipulate ice like his brother Shoto. Also hating his family, the new Dabi has joined the League of Villains in the second season of My Hero Academia and has been following Endeavor ever since. When Endeavor became the number one hero, Dabi put off his plan to kill his younger brother Shoto, instead sending villains like the Ending and Starservant against the current top crime fighter.

Spoilers: Dabi in the manga!

If you’re looking for more details on Dabi’s identity, events that haven’t yet aired in the anime gave us an idea of ​​how Toya turned into the “sexiest” villain working with. Shigaraki. After the events of the War Arc, the Final Arc gave fans a better idea of ​​the events that took place after Dabi’s accident, with the young villain taken under the wing of All For Onethough the big villain kept his distance as he believed Todoroki’s offspring to be unreliable about his mental state.

In fact, All For One originally thought Dabi might be his heir, but the great antagonist eventually realized that Shigaraki was a better choice.x, especially considering his ties to All Might as Nana Shimura’s grandson. Toya having been in a coma for three years after his accident, he realized that the Todoroki clan believed him to be dead and he had moved on. He took the name Dabi and set out on a path of revenge.