Excluded. The Mysteries of Love: “I immediately knew that Cathy would be the mother of my children!” reveals David Proux (Etienne)

Season 27 of Mysteries of love, series to which Télé-Loisirs devoted a special collector’s edition for its tenth anniversary, continues this Saturday and Sunday November 6 and 7 on TMC with the broadcast of two new unpublished episodes. The opportunity to see Hélène (Hélène Rollès), Nico or even Béné (Laure Guibert who almost drowned during the filming of Holidays of Love) and José (Philippe Vasseur who spoke behind the scenes of the scenes of intimacy) in their works. And in particular Etienne (David Proux), which made its comeback in the cult saga a few months ago. And if today, his heart beats for Laly, thirty years ago, the young student of Hélène and the boys was madly in love with Cathy (Cathy Andrieu)! Just like his interpreter David Proux …

Eh yes ! Any resemblance with existing characters or having existed would not be purely fortuitous. Because the romances on the screen have often resulted in real love stories off camera… This was the case for Hélène Rollès and Patrick Puydebat, who recently confessed to having had a great relationship with his partner. But this is also what happened to David Proux and Cathy Andrieu. This is what the actor told us exclusively, who returned to his debut in the cult saga in 1992 in the columns of the Collector’s Special Edition The Mysteries of Love: “My first memory is the casting . I ran into Cathy and I was told that it would be my partner if I was selected, he remembered. There, (…)

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