Faced with crises and shortages, Kana increases the price of manga

Ever-increasing production costs and rising transport prices prompted the subsidiary to make a major decision.

In addition to enjoying greater media coverage than ever, the manga is also enjoying great success in France for economic reasons. Unless you prefer the collector’s versions, a volume generally costs less than 10 euros and therefore allows, for a more than reasonable price, to enjoy a substantial adventure. Unfortunately for the followers, it will be necessary to pay a little more in the weeks to come to continue to benefit from certain manga.

Production costs that have increased by 25%

To cope with the increase in production costs, the publishing house Kana announced in recent days a major decision. For the first time in 10 years, prices for manga such as naruto, Death Note, Shaman King, slam dunk Where good night punpun will increase. The new fee schedule will be in place from July 1st. ” As you can see, we are talking about an increase ranging from 5 to 50 euro cents depending on the collection”, Kana said. How will this increase materialize? For example, you will have to pay €6.95 compared to €6.85 previously for licenses such as Assassination Classroom, Blue Spring Ride Where naruto (which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year).

Moreover, Shaman King Where slam dunk will see their price drop from €9.90 to €9.95, while the Death Note Black Edition will now be sold at a price of €12.90 instead of €12.70. Finally, the brand new Naruto Hokage Edition will be offered at the price of €15.50 against €15 so far. For the most curious, the full price list is available online. How to explain this increase? Following the health crisis, which has disrupted many sectors, production costs have increased by 25% in recent months, whether due to a shortage of paper or cardboard, a rise in the price of energy or printing and transport.

An approach already used by other publishing houses

In an exceptional situation, exceptional measure, and it therefore took an event as unexpected and important as the health crisis for Kana to be forced to make such a decision. If several publishing houses had already announced a price increase for 2022, the house founded in 1996 has long resisted the idea of ​​an increase. Proof, ” it’s been almost 10 years since we’ve raised our prices at Kana”, said the subsidiary in particular. A few months ago, to fight against the crisis of paper and indirect costs, several manga publishing houses such as Panini, Pika or Delcourt announced an upcoming increase in their selling price. Among the titles concerned, there were then works well known to the general public, such as Demon Slayer, NeuN or banana fish.