Fall in love with anime with these 4 recommendations!

I know, I know, the world of anime can be a bit overwhelming if you’re just getting into it. Thousands of stories and loads of new characters to meet, a range of possibilities, but… where to start?

There are many streaming platforms that have already started adding anime series to their catalog and there are others, such as Crunchyroll, which focuses exclusively on Japanese animation.

If you want to get started in this beautiful art, we recommend the following series and movies that you can find on platforms that you probably already have in your fixed expenses.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful series I have ever seen, and not only because of its impeccable animation, but also because of its solid and charming story.

Violet, a homeless girl is enlisted in the army, her ability to defeat enemies is so impressive, as well as her callousness to perform the bloodiest tasks, that she earns the fact that she is known as a weapon and not as a human.

It is not until Colonel Gilbert welcomes her into his ranks that she begins to be treated like a human being, however, on a mission everything changes…

The war is over and the Colonel is missing, Violet is alone and in her head the last words the Colonel said to her turn over and over again: “Love you”what does that mean?

Soon Violet will find herself working at the post office and there she will discover that there are women who write letters for people who cannot read or write but who want their feelings to reach the recipient. Violet will embark on an emotional journey where by joining the profession of “Auto Memory Doll”, she will seek to find the meaning of the words “I love you”.

A highly recommended anime, full of moving stories and endearing characters that will make you want to watch it again and again.

Netflix has the complete saga, the series and two movies are available in its catalog completely in Spanish, for those who still have a hard time watching anime in its original language.

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If you like epic stories with amazing battles, you definitely can’t miss this gem of Japanese animation.

You can find the first season on Netflix dubbed into Latin Spanish and if you get hooked, you can run to Uncle Crunchyroll where you can continue enjoying the Infinite Train movie and the second season. Eye: You have to see them in that order.

Demon Slayer or Kimetsu No Yaiba tells the story of Tanjiro Kamado, a boy with a big heart who makes a living selling charcoal in the town near his home, which he shares with his five brothers and mother.

One night, after selling all his coal and trying to return home, he decides to stay at the house of a woodcutter who tells him that it is better not to venture up the mountain at night, because the demons lie in wait. The next day, a harrowing scene awaits him at his home, his entire family cruelly murdered, except for his younger sister: Nezuko, who has turned into a demon and tries to kill him. It is not until a demon hunter, Tomioka Giyu, rescues him that this incredible adventure begins, as Tomioka realizes that perhaps Nezuko has salvation, since she uses all her willpower not to succumb to desire. to devour his older brother.

We will accompany Tanjiro on his odyssey to become a demon slayer and join the corps of hunters, where he will meet more people with the mission of ending these beings and especially with their leader, Muzan Kibutsuji.

Something that I can highlight, without a doubt, is the quality of the animation, battle sequences that deserve to be called works of art by themselves, a beautiful soundtrack that will touch your soul, and a perfectly well-told and structured story that will make you leave you wanting more.

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Do you like superheroes? Then this anime is for you!

I think this movie is very good to introduce you to the world of My Hero Academia and although it is not CANON, it is a summary of the rush of emotions that this series causes in our hearts.

The film follows Izuku Midoriya who lives in a world where the majority of the population has “gifts”, that is, supernatural powers that allow them, if they want, to become professional heroes; but to be a hero, you must study and there is no better institute than the UAI, alma mater of the best hero the world has ever seen: All Might, who is Midoriya’s tutor and teacher.

The film narrates the non-canonical events of when some members of class 1-A of the IAU visit the island of I-Island, recognized for being home to the most acclaimed scientists and the most recognized inventors in the world, without However, at the same time, a villain is hatching a plan to get hold of a device that promises to maximize anyone’s gift, which results in a very dangerous threat to the heroes, because if it falls into the wrong hands, it could lead to a fatal outcome. very sad for the whole world. That’s why the guys from class 1-A help prevent this device from falling into the wrong hands.

Action scenes, endearing characters, motivational speeches worthy of the best Ted Talks and an epic, and when I say epic I mean an EPIC battle scene with thousands of colored lightning bolts that will make you hallucinate and also want to live in that world full of gifts wonderful and heroes willing to risk their lives, in order to keep the peace.

Although this movie is dubbed into Latin Spanish, my personal recommendation is that you watch it in its original language, because there is no one who can beat the Japanese screaming while battling a supervillain.

If you liked the movie, you should run to Crunchyroll and binge-watch the six seasons of this anime still on air, I promise you won’t regret it.

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I close these recommendations with my favorite Studio Ghibli movie: Poppy Hill, an oasis of peace after all these intense series and movies that take your emotions from top to bottom.

You find it on Netflix and I ask you, please, to see it in its original language, because so far it has only been dubbed into Spanish from Spain and honestly it is not his best work.

If you are lucky enough to find a copy of the Studio Ghibli Packs that were sold a few yesterdays ago on MixUp, then yes, watch in Latin Spanish.

The story is about teenage love between Umi and Shun, everything happens slowly but surely, and we are witnessing how these two boys fall deeply in love with each other while trying to save the “Clubhouse” of their institute and at the same time they try to unravel a family mystery worthy of any Mexican soap opera.

There is no magic, no superhuman gifts, no demons or magical fights, but the story is so well told and runs as smooth as butter that the hour and thirty minutes it lasts flies away.

Of course, as a good Japanese film, it will leave you wanting more, because we don’t have a lot.

The soundtrack is great, like all Studio Ghibli movies and here I share my personal favorite:

I hope you liked my recommendations and I hope you enjoy, as much as I do, these animes and movies that I treasure in a little piece of my heart.

I have more recommendations, but I’ll save them for when you finish seeing these 4.