Fans of comics and anime celebrated Halloween | The Journal of the Republic

A large number of female fans and fans of comics and anime gathered at the “Maniatyc Monster” convention and celebrated Halloween in anticipation. The meeting started at 1 pm in La Pedrera Park and lasted until 9 pm, there were sales stands, costume competitions, singing, choreography and a lot of passion for fantastic universes.

The audience was mostly young people, although there were also older people who participated. “I think it’s great, we came to support and it’s very good that these types of events continue to spread. I came with my family and we dare to dress up. We watch anime and we like cosplay,” said Osvaldo Morán, who personified “death “. His little daughter, Priscila, added enthusiastically: “Today I came from a survivor of a zombie attack, the next one will come from Nezuko, from the ‘Demon Slayer’ series, it’s my life.”

All contests were free. They handed out cash prizes and gifts.

Although the theme was horror for Halloween, the atmosphere was familiar and friendly. There were decorations with bats, spiders, the typical pumpkins and even some “corpses” made with black bags, like those that usually appear in films of the genre.

“We are very happy because we are having a great participation. We organize several contests in which anyone can participate for free and win cash prizes. There are also interactive games for people and we are going to give out various gifts,” said Facundo Matamoro, one of the organizers. , who also led and encouraged the whole afternoon.

In family. The event was a proposal to live a different Saturday. Photos: Fer Miranda.

There were a large number of stores that sold all kinds of products related to the world of video games and animated series, from jewelry to clothing and comics. “It’s very good to be able to come and see, you can get things that are complicated and usually have to be ordered online, everything is in one place here. We are very grateful for all the support that La Pedrera gives us to bring this festival,” added the organizer.

Photos: Fer Miranda.

Lovers of the card game of “Yu-Gi-Oh!” They also had their space to measure their skills and there were more relaxed and funny competitions, such as a championship of evil laughs on stage.

Cristina Cruz came from Mendoza with an impressive Valak costume, a demonic character from the movie “El Conjuro” and commented: “I am fascinated with these conventions. I have had this cosplay for several years and it is the second time that I have brought it to an event. , is my favorite character and I am very happy”. She is in charge of doing all the makeup, costumes and accessories such as nails and false nose.

I am fascinated with these conventions, it is the second time that I have brought this cosplay to an event and it is my favorite. Christina Cruz

Families and friends jumped at the opportunity to take photos with everyone to keep a memory of the moment.

There were also stalls for entrepreneurs and artisans. “I make accessories in cold porcelain and some macramé bracelets and necklaces oriented to the world of anime. I’ve loved them since I was a girl and I even have several tattoos that confirm it. I sell every weekend at the Plaza del Mercado fair , but when there are conventions of this type, yes or yes, I participate and now they are held much more often,” said Ana Olguín.

Photos: Fer Miranda.