Final Fantasy 16: (reassuring) news from the game, soon a release date?

Game News Final Fantasy 16: (reassuring) news from the game, soon a release date?

It was in September 2020 that Final Fantasy XVI was announced through a bombastic trailer. Since then, it’s been a bit dead calm and Square-Enix is ​​content simply to give news of the development here and there. A bit like today, in fact.

Development in its final phase

The news may surprise as we have seen nothing of the game, and yet: it would seem that the development of Final Fantasy XVI is in its final stages. In any case, this is what Naoki Yoshida, producer of the title, declared during a interview on Final Fantasy’s collaboration with Uniqlo:

Currently, the development of FF16 is in its final stages. As a single-player game, we aim to integrate story and gameplay even more deeply. It’s different from a game where many people are playing online at the same time, here the extent to which the game focuses on a particular person changes your immersion in the story.

I think it became a story with real depth. To people who grew up, entered working society and thought “reality isn’t as easy as a video game”, and at some point ended up parting ways with Final Fantasy, we want them to remember their passion back then. We make the game with this precise intention.

A sacred speech which therefore targets the most assiduous fans of the franchise, with a real hope of reconnecting the players of yesteryear with the saga. Just that.

Square-Enix decided to show more?

Now that we know that the design of Final Fantasy XVI is almost on target, we can legitimately wonder if the developers have not planned to show off their baby soon. With the approach of an E3 unfortunately aborted but probably replaced by the events of Geoff Keighley, we would not be surprised if Square-Enix gave news with a trailer, gameplay… and above all a release date.

As we told you in our article, a release at the end of 2022 seems possible given Naoki Yoshida’s previous statements. Remember that the title is expected on PlayStation 5 and PC and that it should make a lot of noise when it is releasedlike just about every installment in the franchise.

Final Fantasy 16: (reassuring) news from the game, soon a release date?

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