Five anime that you can watch on Netflix ideal for summer

Summer, in addition to offering the possibility of resting and going out (as long as sanitary protocols are followed), is also an opportunity to see productions and works that, suddenly, at another time would not have the necessary attention. Along these lines, different anime recommendations can be made on Netflix since the platform has a wide variety of options.

Netflix has been betting hard in this universe for a few years and, apparently, it will not stop doing so in the immediate future. Keep in mind that the universe of manga and anime is one of the fastest growing in recent years. It is an industry that feeds itself, resulting in the constant production of new stories (although many creators are not recognized).

Most of these stories, although they can be long because they last for different seasons, usually contain short chapters. This facilitates the experience without the need to occupy long stretches of time. If the summer agenda is free and you want to do a marathon, it is also valid. Here are some suggestions.

Anime you can watch on Netflix

The following anime do not correspond to a specific time period. There are some that are considered classics and newer ones that seek their space within the canon.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

The anime recommendations begin with a work that has been revolutionizing the genre for a couple of years. He has done so much through the services of streaming like in the movies. Its first season can be seen through Netflix and it is likely that there is still a theater that is broadcasting the film Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train. This production serves as a bridge to the second season, which will arrive at the end of the year.