Focus on the best comic book sales of April 13, 2022

He’s still a videographer and stream who makes the news: in the person of Squeezie, whose YouTube channel has more than 16 million subscribers and whose video adaptation thread horror directly takes the lead in the best-selling comic books, ahead of “Le Monde sans fin” and “Bug” T3; three titles that can be found in the “Top 20 GfK/Weekly Books (respectively 7and11and and 17and), just like “Demon Slayer” T21 (2and in its classic version and 8and for the box collector) .

1649828259 628 Focus on the best comic book sales of April 13A summer camp that doesn’t go as planned, a mysterious carnival, a Baby sitting which goes wrong: these are the themes of the three short stories of around twenty pages each, developed by Squeezie, Luciole and Guillaume Natas, intended for lovers of thrills, and which make up “Bleak” T1.

“Noémie” is illustrated by Diane Fayolle, “Creek Park” by Anne-Clotilde Jammes, Vladimir Roszak, Dan Vignes and “Les 3 Soleils” by Julien Lelièvre.

Nothing more than these singular horrific stories, a sort of “Tales Of the Crypt” for teenagers published by Link Digital Spirit, to get your teeth into in this “Top 20 BD”.

If not to point out that “Asterix” is still there (9and) and that the bowls of the week are to be credited to “Scotland” T1, 18and (- 14 places) and “Angel Wings” T7, 20and (- 12 places), which however manage to stay in the “Top 20 BD”: a challenge in this period “ deadly !

Laurent Turpin

Top 20 comics (copyright GfK/Weekly Books) from March 28 to April 3, 2022

1st new Bleak T1 Diane Fayolle, Anne-Clotilde Jammes, Vladimir Roszak, Dan Vignes, Julien Lelièvre, Squeezie, Luciole, Guillaume Natas
2nd (-1) The endless world Christophe Blain, Jean-Marc Jancovici DARGAUD
3rd (-2) Bug T3 Book 3 Enki Bilal CASTERMAN
5th-8th Deadly Adele
9th (-4) Asterix T39 Asterix and the griffin Didier Conrad, Jean-Yves Ferri ALBERT RENÉ
10th Deadly Adele
11th (-5) Dwarfs T22 Malt Borogam Giovanni Lorusso, Paolo Deplano, Nicolas Jarry SUN
12th-17th Deadly Adele
18th (-14) scotland [ Les Missions fantastiques de Kathy Austin : saison 4] T1 Episode 1 Bertrand Marchal, Rodolphe, Leo DARGAUD
19th Deadly Adele
20th (-13) Angel Wings T7 Mig Madness Romain Hugault, Yann PACK