Focus on the best comic book sales of June 1, 2022

Mangas regain power in the “Top 20 GfK/Weekly Books “, by winning the first two places in the ranking all genres combined with the collector’s box of “Tokyo Revengers” T18 (1er) and “Demon Slayer” T22 (2e). The generalist prize list also welcomes “One Piece” T101 (8e), the “Demon Slayer” box T22 + novel T3 (10eas well as the first three of the “Top 20 BD”: “Le Monde sans fin” (17e), “Voodoo Guacamole” (18e) and “Le Spirou d’Émile Bravo” T5 (19e); the latter appearing in the box office BD in the company of four other novelties, to discover below.

1654070674 69 Focus on the best comic book sales of June 1Unsurprisingly, and while his ultimate adventure is still being published in the eponymous magazine, Émile Bravo’s “Spirou” has already won over many readers with the fourth part of “L’Espoir spite tout”: entitled “Une end and a new beginning” and printed in 85,000 copies by Dupuis editions. In this episode, which goes directly to the 3e step of the podium of the best sales of comic strips of the week, the war is over and Émile Bravo closes with sensitivity and humanity his great story on the Second World War, sparing no extortion or grief. Note, for reader collectors, the existence of a limited edition of 2,000 copies exclusively for Fnac, with an eight-page graphic notebook and a black and white edition of 2,000 + 300 copies for a box set published either complete with the four volumes, or empty with exclusive Canal BD jacket.

1654070674 605 Focus on the best comic book sales of June 1Another revival, but in an academic style close to the original author, the new “Lefranc” (“Le Scandale Arès”), takes over the 6e place in the “Top 20 comics”. Developed by screenwriter Roger Seiter, on a synopsis by Jacques Martin and for designer Régric, the story of this 33e adventure leads the globe-trotting reporter on an investigation around a war story and the destruction of a column of tanks by mysterious revolutionary planes. Note that, to accompany this episode published on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the creation of the journalist, the Casterman editions offer the beautiful book “Les Voitures de Lefranc”, signed by Xavier Chimits (former editor-in-chief of Automobile magazine), retracing the place of the automobile in the work of Jacques Martin: see Lefranc: 70 years, 33 albums… and cars!. And, since we are talking about the author of “Alix”, let us recall the existence of the excellent work of Patrick Gaumer (“Jacques Martin, le voyageur du temps”), which must be obtained: see Jacques Martin: 100 years old and still relevant!

1654070674 686 Focus on the best comic book sales of June 11654070674 936 Focus on the best comic book sales of June 1Other novelties to join the “Top 20 BD”, two titles from the Delcourt group, regulars on the charts:

– the already 23e volume of “Dwarfs”, a series whose publication rate has nothing to envy to manga (22e has just left the classification), printed in 28,000 copies by Delcourt, which is embedded in 11e position of the “Top 20 comics”. Developed by Paolo Deplano (drawings) and Nicolas Jarry (texts), the episode focuses on the temple dwarf Ararun and the blue elf Antalya, slayers of criminals.

1654070675 255 Focus on the best comic book sales of June 1– “Fuze & Didier T2: On the way to the moon”, a paper derivative of the famous Youtube platform, takes the 12e place in the prize list, with 40,000 copies printed by Soleil editions.

Last entry of the week, “The Conveyor T3: These darknesses that bind us” integrates the “Top 20 BD” in 17e position. Things are going well for this excellent post-apocalyptic realistic series, published by Le Lombard, which is delighting more and more readers with its 70,000 sales of the first two volumes and 40,000 copies from this 3e volume.

In this episode, Tristan Roulot continues to gradually unfold his surprising story with drawers, while Dimitri Armand plays with cutting and movement in which he progresses skillfully.

Laurent Turpin

Top 20 comics (copyright GfK/Weekly Books) from May 16 to 22, 2022

1st (=) The endless world Christophe Blain, Jean-Marc Jancovici DARGAUD
2nd (=) Guacamole Voodoo Fabcaro, Eric Judor THRESHOLD
3rd new Emile Bravo’s Spirou T5 Hope Despite Everything, Part Four: An End and a New Beginning Emile Bravo DUPUIS
4th (-1) She is2 Universal(s) Aveline Stokart, Kid Toussaint THE LOMBARD
5th (=) Bleak T1 Diane Fayolle, Anne-Clotilde Jammes, Vladimir Roszak, Dan Vignes, Julien Lelièvre, Squeezie, Luciole, Guillaume Natas LINK DIGITAL SPIRIT
6th new Lefranc T33 The Ares Scandal Regric, Roger Seiter CASTERMAN
7th (+1) Yoko Tsuno T30 Saturn’s Gemini Roger Leloup DUPUIS
8th (-1) The Legendaries: The Chronicles of Darkhell T3 The Sentence of Shadows orphan, Patrick Sobral DELCOURT
9th (-5) The Fortune of the Wincslavs T2 Tom and Lisa 1910 Philippe Berthet, Jean Van Hamme DUPUIS
10th (+1) Buck Danny T59 Skyborg program Gil Formosa, Frederic Zumbiehl DUPUIS
11th new Dwarfs T23 Aarun and blue rage Paolo Deplano, Nicolas Jarry SUN
12th new Fuze & Didier T2 On the way to the moon Ornella Greco, Fuze, Jean-Christophe Derrien SUN
13th (-3) Deadly Adele T1 All this will end badly Miss Prickly, Mr Tan BAYARD YOUTH
14th (-2) They T1 The News Aveline Stokart, Kid Toussaint THE LOMBARD
15th-16th Deadly Adele
17th new The T3 Conveyor This darkness that binds us Dimitri Armand, Tristan Roulot LOMBARD
18th (-9) The 5 lands, cycle 2: Lys, T8 more dead than dead Jerome Lereculey, Lewelin (David Chauvel, Andoryss, Patrick Wong) DELCOURT
19th-20th Deadly Adele