Focus on the best comic book sales of June 15, 2022

Esther Super star ! With “Stories of my 16 years”, the series “Les Cahiers d’Esther” takes the lead in the “Top 20 Gfk/Weekly Books » all genres combined, where we find the manga « Jujitsu Kaisen » T5 (2e), “Demon Slayer” T22 (7e) and “One Piece” T 101 (16e), but also and again “The Endless World” (18e) who established there has been living for many, many weeks now.

1655283114 345 Focus on the best comic book sales of June 15Upon its release, the new collection of slices of life of the young (less and less…) heroine of Riad Sattouf, pre-published each week in The Obs, a hit and directly took first place in the “Top 20 BD”. Esther, whose author follows the daily life since the age of 10 (and until she is 18), grows up. Now a high school student, and like an ordinary teenager, she questions everything and revolts against everything: starting with her parents whom she dares to brave to go to a party. Caught between her desire for independence and the anxiety of growing up, Esther is torn: “This paradox is, I believe, something universal, and it’s very funny to observe! » amusedly reports Riad Sattouf. Sold over a million copies for the first six volumes, “Les Cahiers d’Esther” continues to win over new readers, as evidenced by the return to the charts in 7eposition, from the first volume of the series: “History of my 10 years”. It is true that this major sociological testimony, a reflection of our time as had been the audiovisual documentary by Michel Fresnel in the 1980s or his retelling of the genre by François Chevré (“Generation 2008”) currently in progress, is accompanied by notoriety through various distribution media, including the adaptation of the first three albums into cartoons on Canal +, available on YouYube. And when he expresses himself, Riad Sattouf often does so via Esther, on his social networks, with his 265,000 subscribers on Instagram, 115,000 on Facebook and 85,000 on Twitter. The author has just, on the occasion of the publication of his new album, to open his account on TikTok.

1655283114 89 Focus on the best comic book sales of June 15In addition to this editorial event (and only entry of the week), we can note that “Le Monde sans fin”, always 2e of the “Top 20 BD”, continues its impressive commercial career without flinching: just ahead of “Le Scorpion” T4, which, up four ranks, climbs to 3e step of the sales podium. Another box of the moment, the two volumes of “Elles” are still present in the ranking (5e and 11e). The bowl of the week is to be credited (or debited, rather!) to “The Legendaries: The Chronicles of Darkhell” T3, down eight ranks and now 17e of the charts.

Laurent Turpin (thanks to Hélène Werlé)

Top 20 comics (copyright GfK/Weekly Books) from May 30 to June 5, 2022

1er new The Notebooks of Esther T7 Stories of my 16 year Riad Sattouf ALLARY
2nd (-1) The endless world Christophe Blain, Jean-Marc Jancovici DARGAUD
3rd (+4) The Scorpion T14 The Tomb of a God Luigi Critone, Stephen Desberg DARGAUD
4th (-2) Emile Bravo’s Spirou T5 Hope Despite Everything, Part Four: An End and a New Beginning Emile Bravo DUPUIS
5th (-1) She is2 Universal(s) Aveline Stokart, Kid Toussaint THE LOMBARD
6th (-1) Guacamole Voodoo Fabcaro, Eric Judor THRESHOLD
7th return Notebooks of Esther T1 Stories from my 10 years Riad Sattouf ALLARY
8th (-5) Bleak T1 Diane Fayolle, Anne-Clotilde Jammes, Vladimir Roszak, Dan Vignes, Julien Lelièvre, Squeezie, Luciole, Guillaume Natas LINK DIGITAL SPIRIT
9th (-3) Lefranc T33 The Ares Scandal Regric, Roger Seiter CASTERMAN
10th (+2) Deadly Adele T1 All this will end badly Miss Prickly, Mr Tan BAYARD YOUTH
11th (=) They T1 The News Aveline Stokart, Kid Toussaint THE LOMBARD
12th (-4) Yoko Tsuno T30 Saturn’s Gemini Roger Leloup DUPUIS
13th (=) The Fortune of the Wincslavs T2 Tom and Lisa 1910 Philippe Berthet, Jean Van Hamme DUPUIS
14th-16th Deadly Adele
17th (-8) The Legendaries: The Chronicles of Darkhell T3 The Sentence of Shadows orphan, Patrick Sobral DELCOURT
18th Deadly Adele
19th (-2) Kingdoms of Fire: The Comic T5 The Clearest Night Mike Holmes, Tui T. Sutherland GALLIMARD
20th Deadly Adele