Focus on the best comic book sales of May 11, 2022

Second volume of the new series Super star from 9and art, “They” T2 (2and) disembarks directly at the 2and place in the “Top 20 BD”, just behind “Le Monde sans fin”. These two albums are also present (respectively 9and and 5and) in the “Top 20 GfK/Weekly Books » where we find the manga « Mashle » T8 (8andKaze Manga), “My Hero Academia” (14andcollector box, Ki-oon), “Demon Slayer” T21 (16andPanini Manga), “Kaiju n°8” T4 (17andKaze Manga), “Jujutsu Kaisen” T14 (19andKi-oon) and the always valiant “Naruto” T1 (20and).

Just like his fellow screenwriter Dugomier with “Les Enfants de la Résistance” (the bestseller absolute of recent years at Le Lombard editions, but in a totally different genre), Kid Toussaint succeeds in the challenge of bringing together an intergenerational audience around a story originally intended for pre-teens. A young girl with multiple personalities (five, to be exact), Elle (that’s her first name) is a schoolgirl who lives her daily life surrounded by four friends, all well-camped by the author and whose respective characters enhance skillfully the story in its universe and its developments not devoid of humor. And as it is the same for the different personalities of Elle, the screenplay mesh holds in suspense a reader already very sensitive to the mystery of the heroine’s origins.

1652222326 195 Focus on the best comic book sales of May 11

1652222326 439 Focus on the best comic book sales of May 11We must also underline the talent of Aveline Stokard, for whom this is the first comic strip, and whose finesse of line and expressiveness hit the mark throughout this surprising and endearing series, including the excellent 2and volume highlights the girl’s most ambiguous and manipulative personality.

Let’s talk numbers now. The enthusiasm that develops around “Elle” is dizzying. It is quite simply the best launch of a youth series altogether since 2016. It has sold, to date, nearly 100,000 copies of volume 1 in one year: which was released in March 2021, let us remember with a first print run of 25,000 copies. After various reprints, the title benefited from a reprint in April 2022 of 40,000 copies. Let us take this opportunity to indicate that this first volume, “La Nouvelle(s)”, is also back in the “Top 20 BD”, at the 9and place, meaning the recruitment of new readers. Finally, note that in actual sales, “Universelle(s)” sold 7,000 copies for its first week on the market.

Laurent Turpin (Thanks to Diane Rayer from Le Lombard editions)

Top 20 comics (copyright GfK/Weekly Books) from April 25 to May 1, 2002

1st (=) The endless world Christophe Blain, Jean-Marc Jancovici DARGAUD
2nd new She is2 Universal(s) Aveline Stokart, Kid Toussaint THE LOMBARD
3rd (-1) Bleak T1 Diane Fayolle, Anne-Clotilde Jammes, Vladimir Roszak, Dan Vignes, Julien Lelièvre, Squeezie, Luciole, Guillaume Natas LINK DIGITAL SPIRIT
4th (+2) Deadly Adele T1 All this will end badly Miss Prickly, Mr Tan BAYARD YOUTH
5th (-1) Bug T3 Book 3 Enki Bilal CASTERMAN
6th-7th Deadly Adele
8th (-5) Elves T31 Ylanoon Kyko Duarte, Jean-Luc Istin SUN
9th return They T1 The News Aveline Stokart, Kid Toussaint THE LOMBARD