FORNITE – Chapter 4, Season 1 – Exhilarating start to the season?

New Chapter, new Season, new PLEASURES!

And here is a new Fortnite item! It must be said that we are approaching a whole new chapter so I may be overwhelmed by the tests to be returned, I succumb again to my cute sin! It must be said that Riggs, he sometimes does Football Manager losedé so each his vices!

To talk about this new chapter, let’s already talk about the end of the previous one. Basically, we had the Fracture event! To tell you the truth, I managed to do it from start to finish but the servers were on edge! It must be said that the “Chrome” and its herald ruined the Fortnite army in 20 seconds and that then, we… little players, we were going to try to rebuild the world with pieces of zero point. Little big up to my event team who followed me in delirium, we cooked marshmallows before the start of the quests. Yes, because Fracture was a series of walks and quests on parts of the world. Funny… yes, but for the end of a chapter, it lacked epic inspiration. The time before, for example, we had The Rock coming ashore to save Jones and return the island (literally). Luckily, in the end, Brie “Paradigm” Larson still showed that our bullshit quests helped rebuild a whole new world. By the way, we came across crazy things like The Hulk on a small bike! Luckily… cutscenes helped with the Event!

I can see myself living there and fishing every morning!

But since then, we have a new island! Moreover, it should be noted that this new chapter arrives with the Unreal Engine 5 on Xbox Series. A new, more modern game engine that will bring some changes to the game. I assure you, if you play on Xbox One, you can still launch Fortnite. In short, it is therefore new things that are available to us. The island itself is very green, more detailed and full of vertical areas with indoor and underground areas! There is also an ice part for those who want to drift on the ice. I note the many citadels and castles as well as the return of the Farm or certain urban corners full of life. A more exciting map than the previous one which seems very flat and desert in comparison. The fauna is not to be outdone with its wolves, wild boars, chickens and… flying jellyfish! Rather funny to explode to disrupt the game!

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Yeah, we can do tricks!

Speaking of which, we keep our movement options but we gain the possibility of stepping over low barriers when running. This adds even more dynamism. For fun, we also have upgrades that pop up during the game and offer bonuses: reloading, healing, stamina recovery or even the appearance of balloons behind our backs to hover (I liked this boost and I won thanks to her). On the weapons side, we find some pump shotguns and other classics but we win some nice stuff like crazy guns with magazines (and precision), assault rifles that hurt with in particular the excalibur that swings explosive swords (I am a fan!) but above all my new friend: the hammer! Huge hammer that allows you to bounce on the map but also to hurt while propelling enemies! I almost forget the other weapons when I have it in hand!

1670251984 481 FORNITE Chapter 4 Season 1 Exhilarating start to

When we land like Mad Max!

In the additional functions, there are also areas to capture for loot but also the presence of motorcycles to play the kéké on the map! Very exhilarating stuff, but the heart of a good season is the Battle Pass! In general, a beginning of a chapter starts strong! We remember Chapter 2 with Turk and his friends or even Chapter 3 with The Rock & Spider-Man! Here, it is surely the Pass that appealed to me the most overall! In some Passes, I don’t deny having eternal darlings like Chimpanski or Ronin but overall, this Pass stands out from the others, it hits hard but it seems to have some under the elbow because Midoriya (My Hero Academia) is clearly a guest in the season launch video but it is not in the Pass.

1670251984 546 FORNITE Chapter 4 Season 1 Exhilarating start to

I told you the Earth was flat!

We have overall cool “made in Fornite” heroes. So we have Selene to start with, which is not bad for getting started. I’m not a fan of his “lunar” costume but it’s not a bad start. Massai follows in his footsteps and I really liked the general design. No whew but not bad. His special costume is reminiscent of the previous Club Fortnite costume so we have a continuity of costumes somewhere. Next we have Dusty and I can’t resist a pretty girl wearing a baseball jersey! So even if his special costume is nice, I like the base skin! Nezumi, on the other hand, is on another level! The character seems out of a manga and he rocks! The guy can land in Naruto, Demon Slayer or other without looking quirky! He is 10,000 times more attractive than Helsie! The “classic” character in a skirt and a little emo. She wears a T-shirt similar to Meow Skull and gives a slightly creepy smile worthy of the Club Skin of the Month for December. The “ultimate” skin of the pass! The one in the last levels, is The Ageless. Some mistake him for Geno (Fortnite’s mega bad guy) but he seems different (for now anyway). He’s classy, ​​his sword is cool, his armor animation rocks! In short, we haven’t had a “Tier 100” Fortnite character since the Spire Assassin in Chapter 2 Season 6! And he rocks!

Since we are talking about tearing up, we must not forget the two big collaborations of the season: The Doom Slayer (Doom) and Geralt de Riv (The Witcher)! The Slayer is available in the Pass and you can unlock it quite early casually. You can therefore see him cut out of the world in Fortnite or put him in a Team with the Spartan and Marcus Fenix ​​(subtlety team). Geralt will also land but as a bonus character with his own quests during the season. So Geralt will be able to… use guns! But also the hammer that I love so much while riding a wolf!

1670251984 610 FORNITE Chapter 4 Season 1 Exhilarating start to

I do that and Riggs throws a grenade meanwhile!

Finally, the Pass has also been transformed with pages of the pass which are unlocked according to our level. You can therefore save your stars to unlock a character you want as soon as the minimum level is reached. Thus, the Doom Slayer is available for unlocking from level 26! This allows you to focus on what you want first without having to chase the stars too much!

This new chapter and this new season therefore strikes very hard with characters who send steak, an island full of surprises and game mechanics that are refined to always better surprise us. I can’t wait to see the sequel!