Fortnite: Epic Games announces The End, all the details on this mysterious event

Game news Fortnite: Epic Games announces The End, all the details on this mysterious event

Very soon, Chapter 2 of Fortnite will come to an end: we can count on the expertise of Epic Games for a highly publicized event, simply titled The End.

An ambitious new event for Fortnite

Is Fortnite about to beat its audience records again? As is always the case on special occasions, the battle royale manages to create impressive events, extremely publicized with some quite impressive staging. We remember for example the famous black hole, which occurred just before Chapter 2, which had imposed itself well beyond the simple game, since present on all social networks and in top trend.

It is precisely this Chapter that we are discussing today since the firm of Tim Sweeney has just revealed the end date – one day earlier than announced – as well as the animation that will punctuate this very special occasion. The show promises to be substantial.

When will The End of Chapter 2 take place in Fortnite?

“La Fin” will therefore take place on December 4, 2021 at 10 p.m. French time. This is a unique and particularly mysterious event, with very strict conditions which inevitably raise questions: the Convergence being accomplished, a final battle between the players and the Queen Cube will take place on the date and time announced. . Ce combat final “Will decide the fate of the island” and it will be structured around teams of up to 16 players, who will be able to regroup 30 minutes before the start of hostilities.

Where the case piques our curiosity all the more is when we look at the requirements of developers. No replay will be made possible, forcing everyone to record their own play sequences in order to keep a memory of them; in a similar register, it will be impossible to modify its parameters as soon as The End has started. In the official press release, the firm specifies that it will therefore be necessary to make sure to properly adjust its display options before the event so as not to miss a beat.

Note also that anyone who logs in before the end of this season will have the pleasure of receiving 225,000 XP points. In addition, players participating in the battle against Queen Cube will have a loading screen and an appropriate coating. It’s hard to say no.

So we’ll meet in ten days to find out the why and how, as well as the fate of this island so dear to millions of players.

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