France 3: the “outremer.story” program back in a new format from January 8!

January 8. Téhina, a mother, lives in the Marquesas, a four-hour flight from Tahiti. She decides to grow her own fruits and vegetables and to live as self-sufficiently as possible. More than 9,000 kilometers away, on the island of Reunion, the inhabitants of Mafate are also cut off from the world. A man is the link between these 700 inhabitants and the rest of the island. This is Guy Payet, helicopter pilot whom we followed in his missions with the Mafatais.

January 15. They go to meet two conservationists who live more than 10,000 kilometers from each other and yet have many things in common. In Polynesia, in the Austral archipelago, Ishido monitors the eggs of uras, the emblematic parakeets of his island, threatened by the black rat. In Guadeloupe, in the depths of the Caribbean Sea, Philippe cleans the seabed and hunts lionfish, a very invasive species.

January 22. Laurence Roustandjee tells us the story of women from overseas who move the lines and devote part of their time to helping others. Julia Daka is a Mahoran model who grew up, left to her own devices, in a disadvantaged neighborhood. Today, she reaches out to children from the poorest neighborhoods of Mamoudzou, in Mayotte, through the association she founded. In Martinique, Jessy, alias Doudou’style, is a graffiti artist who puts color on the gray walls of certain districts of Fort-de-France and leads an association that teaches graffiti to all those who want to add a little color to their daily.

January 29. Laurence Roustandjee plunges us into the heart of competitions and the lives of athletes unlike any other. Dimitri Pavadé is a runner from Reunion. Amputated with one leg, he won a silver medal at the world para-athletic championships in Dubai and returns home to Reunion Island as a hero. In Polynesia, we will experience the Polynesian Games from the inside with Ruanuu, who trains all year round for this event. Race for fruit carriers, lifting stones weighing more than 100 kg, breaking copra… So many trials in which Ruanuu puts all his strength and a bit of his soul.