France, more than ever, second manga country

In France, the passion for manga continues to grow: it represented more than a quarter of comic book sales (27.3%) in 2021, compared to 6.5% only two years earlier. One in two comics sold in France is a manga, which makes the French the biggest buyers in the world, just behind the Japanese. Among the most popular genres in France: Shônen (more intended for teenagers), Shôjo (for teenagers) and Seinen (for adults).

Anime, the first gateway

The animated version of mangas has a knack for popularizing them: among the French people surveyed by Ipsos, 12% say they watch them very regularly and 21% occasionally when a new volume or a new season comes out.

What channels do they watch them on? Television (54%) remains the No. 1 medium, followed by generalist streaming platforms (49%), far ahead of DVDs or specialized platforms (16%) such as Crunchyroll or Wakanim.

40% of manga are bought in supermarkets

With regard to the paper format, the French are 9% to consider themselves as very regular readers, 13% occasional and 19% rare. On the other hand, while 59% say they never read it, only 41% say they never watch anime: the 18-point gap between manga and anime can be partly explained by the more demanding exercise of reading a book.

Among regular manga readers, 40% buy them in supermarkets, 37% in a general bookstore, 31% in a specialized bookstore; the online sites on which we find manga in digital format are only mentioned by 19% of French people.

The composite portrait of a manga afficionado is a man between 18 and 34 years old, living in the Paris region and CSP-. Conversely, the least fond individual would be a woman aged 55 to 75, living in the Southeast and inactive. A predominantly male passion.

Shônen, the king genre

Shōnen is the big winner among manga genres. It notably includes Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and even Demon Slayer. It is preferred by 42% of those interviewed over the Seinen (Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Ajin…)

Next comes Shôjo with 19% (Fruits Basket, Ultra Maniac, Nana…) followed by the Josei, intended for a rather female audience of young adults, with 16% (Nodame Cantabile, Paradise Kiss, Kids on the Slope, Chihayafuru, Blue).

Mangas are sometimes reserved for an informed public: 13% of respondents (including 17% of men) do not hesitate to say that they prefer erotic mangas (Yuri, Yaoi and Hentai).

Among the top 5 manga most read by the French: dragonball (43%), intergenerational, tops the ranking, Pokemon (41%), widely read among young adults aged 18-34 (48%), naruto (38%), read by half of the 18-34 year olds surveyed (50%), Nicky Larson (34%), more popular among 35-54 year olds (47%), One Piece (30%).

Photo credits: Justin Doub (CC BY-SA 2.0)