From Stoves to Courts: Arrested for Selling Demon Slayer Cakes

After a report to the police in February, the investigation was entrusted to the Mukaishima police, who arrested a 34-year-old woman on Tuesday, November 9, telling her that she had violated the laws in force on the rule of law. author.

Since July 2019, at least, this pastry chef from the district of Shibuya, in Tokyo, has been selling cakes decorated by characters from the manga. Demon Slayer, by Koyoharu Gotōge, published by the Shueisha. She suggested that her clients send her an illustration from the work, one or more characters, then took care of including them in her production.

The pastries were sold between 13,000 and 15,000 yen, between 100 and 130 € approximately. A priori, this small business would have enabled him to release 6.5 million yen, or nearly 50,000 in two years of activity, according to police estimates.

The advertising for these cakes, carried out through the social network Intagram, would have put the beneficiaries on the trail of the entrepreneur, then followed by the police.

The making of these cakes could even be considered as counterfeiting by the beneficiaries, since certain agreements exist around the pastry operation of Demon Slayer : the Japanese bakery Priroll thus offers “official” cakes Demon Slayer, alongside other manga-related licenses.

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« I thought it would sell better with the presence of a popular character », Confessed the young woman, indicating that she knew full well that such achievements, referring to Demon Slayer, were not in accordance with copyright regulations.

The amount of the fine imposed for these sweet creations was not disclosed, but the bill was undoubtedly steep …

via Kahoku