From the Tarn, they please fans of manga and comics all over France

Kid Paddle is now one of the heroes available with the subscription. (© Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – Occitanie News)

The manga celebrates her first birthday. For a year now, this innovative service based in Labruguière (Tarn) allows thousands of readers to receive their monthly sleeves home. To celebrate its anniversary, the team of independent booksellers is now enriching its offer with “Franco-Belgian” comic book subscriptions.

“The philosophy of our comics and manga subscriptions is to offer a simple, flexible and non-binding service. Our readers enjoy their books and do nothing else, ”explains Guillaume Chabal, the creator of the service.

Make sure you find all the volumes of your favorite comics

Passionate about the world of manga from an early age, Guillaume, former 3D project manager, says: “I had several comics and manga in progress but with several volumes behind each of them. These were shows that I wanted to follow or that my daughters loved but the booksellers near us did not offer the old volumes ”.

Regularly ordering books online quickly becomes tedious, especially for comic book series with many volumes. With his family or with his friends, very rare were also the manga series or the comic book collections held more or less up to date.

After some research, manga subscription or comic book subscription services appear non-existent and the concept of Abo-manga appears obvious. The project is launched on this basis: making it possible to subscribe to all the manga or comic series available, with ease. The site now offers ten different categories allowing a readable classification of books, including a section dedicated to books for 3 to 10 year olds.

The long-awaited classic comics

Considered when the service was created, comic strip subscriptions were not however integrated from the start “for lack of time and to avoid being dispersed” specifies Guillaume. Scheduled for early 2021, but delayed following the huge success of manga subscriptions, the comics are now available on subscription.

Alongside the classics that are Lucky Luke, The Smurfs Where Yoko Tsuno, Abo-manga also offers the main titles of the moment such as the BD subscription Mortèle Adèle, The legendaries, Titeuf and hundreds of other comics.

Up to 10 volumes per month and per subscriber

The formula which makes the success of the Tarn company remains the same: readers can subscribe to any comic strip, from any number and choose how many volumes to receive per month (up to 10 !). Subscriptions can be terminated without notice or formality.

To inform the choice of parents (who are often at the origin of these subscriptions) the comics are classified by theme, each series having its summary, excerpts and even its trailer.

100 kilos of comics and manga shipped every day

Not all comics in the world are of course available, but all styles are represented and the selection of booksellers protects the reader against being out of stock. To date, the service counts 9,500 manga and 2,500 comics. 100 kilos of manga and comics are processed and shipped every day!

At Top 3 BD subscriptions we find Mortèle Adèle, Titeuf and the indestructible Asterix. On the manga side, it is the One Piece bestseller (which already has 101 volumes …) which dominates the classic Naruto and Demon Slayer.

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